Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thunder-hawks Spring Soccer: In short...

 A blocked kick, 
 a goal scored, 
 an (inappropriate) celebratory slide,  
first place again this year.


Christy said...

we are in soccer mode right now too. the tunnel at the end and snacks are the best part for my kids! :) go zach!

Bailey Family said...

Go Zach!
Love this post...sums up the season.

Rachel Haack said...

K, so my husband and I spent a good portion of last night scrolling through the cute Painter family blog, hope u don't mind! First off, beautiful family. Second, your kitchen?!!!! Oh my gosh your KITCHEN!!!! The stuff my dreams are made of!!!!!!

Thanks so much for not "chicken-ing out" and saying hello! We should be friends;)


Ps. Btw, are those new cabinets or repainted/refinished? We were talking about getting a quote on ours to have them painted but I'm scared because our cabinets aren't solid wood.