Thursday, June 6, 2013

She's huge awesomeness in a tiny package.

Gymnastics Invitational. 
A chance to show her fans what she's been up to.
They competed against each other using the USAG level 4 routines.
And if you're like me (and know nothing about gymnastics) I'm not sure that means much, a video would be more fun.  But all I know is that my body has never (and will never) been able to do what my little 6 year old is doing.  She's got her round-off back-handsprings down and kips/cast/front & back hip circle etc etc etc...
I'm being serious, but I'm being sarcastic because every time she learns something new, I come home and google/youtube it so I know what she is talking about. 

It's exciting, but she spends a lot of time at the gym and honestly, I miss her.
This summer is the first summer she is training with the big girls. 
Today her coach told me on the first day the girls were introducing themselves to each other, and were asked to tell the group one other thing they liked to do besides gymnastics.  The coach said most girls talked about swimming and sleepovers and boys (picture this: there is only one other 6 year old in her class, most girls are 9-12 yrs old...haha) and Lily said:  "I like to help my little sister."
Oh gosh.  Melt my heart.  It's so true too.
And as you can see from above photos, Lily's adoring little sister wants to be just like her.


Christy said...

holy cow, she's so good! how fun to see miss lily do so well!

Bailey Family said...

Lily is a star! I love this.
Do they give you a price break if both girls are taking gymnastics? Poppy will be following Lily for sure.