Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lily's time to shine


A few weeks ago, Lily had her "Christmas Extravaganza!"
(i just like saying the name of it).
It was basically a "meet-like" performance for the littlest gymnasts.
She was well supported by all her grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins.
We cheered like crazy and Lily loved performing in front of everyone.
She had her tongue in the side of her cheek the whole time, the only sign of shyness she showed.
I think she was trying really hard not to smile too much. haha.
She absolutely loves her gymnastics classes, (and because I know nothing about gymnastics), I think everything she does is astounding, impressive and amazing!
go go go my little girlie!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I'm feeling so much peace this evening, and for that I am grateful.
This season is wonderful, and having my little ones around makes it magical.
We've read books, opened the advent boxes, delivered goodies, visited Santa and prepared a manger for the baby Jesus (adding a piece of straw for each kind deed done).

We've listend to our pandora (Classical Christmas) station all month long, and read the accounts of Christs birth in our Bible and Book of Mormon.

And now the children are asleep, Santa's cookies are nibbled, the reindeer devoured the carrots, and the Christmas tree will stay lit all night long.

Sometimes you think it's only kids who stay awake with merriment on Christmas Eve, but as I've discovered, parents do too.

Much love from our home to yours
Merry, Merry Christmas

the Painters

Sunday, December 19, 2010

View from the Little Pink Camera

December is flying by with all the busyness and merriment that I could possibly hope for. And while I've been away from the computer, I've also neglected my camera. Other than Lily's gymnastics meet, and a photoshoot, my camera's been zipped up inside the bag. LILY TO THE RESCUE! Dave and I were seriously rolling with laughter tonight when we uploaded the 300+ pictures from her pink and trusty little camera sidekick. I can't even begin to describe how perfectly she has captured this Christmas season, and how seriously difficult it was to narrow down her pictures. Oh my gosh, please enjoy.
(by the way, all clipart added by Lily in camera)

Our elf on the shelf (named Essa) is the first thing they search for each morning.
our Christmas tree
a pattern emerged...Roman in the car...we've been in the car a lot
Basketball in December...a Sloan institution...
here I am at Kyle's basketball game
After Kyle's game, we hit up a burger joint, and Lily had us all pose for a group photo
Kyle fell asleep on our couch one Sunday, and Lily thought he needed her cuddly dragon, (and a reindeer headband)
Good morning sleepy-heads
What she was doing instead of napping...posing babydoll and puppy
I'm in so many pictures!! it's amazing!
cute baby Alexis, while we watch Zachary's basketball practice

the Rapp's in town, and a fun girls night hosted by Lori!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

it's my favorite thing...

I'm not sure why, but looking at the Christmas-card-photo-rejects is my favorite thing to do.
It might be because every year I decide last minute, LAST MINUTE that "today's the day!" for pictures.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 (37 degrees outside)

1:15 - "Hey Margaret, what are you doing around 3:30 today? Wanna snap a picture for me?"
1:17 - "Hey Babe, what time are you getting home today? ummm, well, think you could reschedule and be home at 2:45?" around like crazy...
2:10 - (Zach home early from school) "Kids, Kids!! No time for playing, it's PICTURE DAY!"
...brush teeth, dress kids, comb hair...
3:00 - in the car...where should we go to take a picture?

...really bad lighting...
...oops...modesty check....
...150 photos and three locations/two photographers later...
It's a wrap.
Time to blow off some steam.
Until next year my loves.