Thursday, August 26, 2010

A penny saved...

I've experimented with many many different ways to conserve money.
Makes me chuckle to think about all the things I have tried.
Mostly though, I'm encouraged by the valuable deals.
Yet the fact is, no one really cares. I'm sure my husband appreciates it, but I have a hunch he is feigning interest when I display my loot on the island and declare, "LOOK! Look what I got for $2.34!"

And so it goes with the laundry soap.
I've been making my own for almost a year.
It works, is amazingly economical, is not a difficult process, and I've upgraded the look from a 5 gallon Lowes bucket to pretty glass bottles. (recycled $1.50 Heinz vinegar bottles)
Oh, I have a feeling that picture of soap will send me down memory lane in about 30 years.
Ahhhh yes, those days of business start up, making soap and clipping coupons.

And speaking of memory lane, I hope this is one I will never forget.
Last week I hopped into bed next to Lily after she was asleep.
I kept staring at her sweet little pigtail,
thinking about what an amazing perk it is to be able to
crawl into bed for a nap on a sunny afternoon next to my little 3 year old.
If I have to make soap the rest of my be it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

If there is one thing I want to remember,
it's Zach's level of excitement and happiness on his first day of kindergarten.
He took the obligatory photographs, and didn't ever stop smiling in between shots.
I walked him into school and to the kindergarten hallway
(stopping, per school rules, before I got to his classroom :)
I gave him a little squeeze and said, "I love you, have a great day!"
(my voice might have cracked a bit, but I kept a smile) and he was off.
He started down that corridor, and turned around just once with a big big smile. (I caught it!)
Then, he didn't look back again. Past the drinking fountains and into his classroom.
I'm not sure how I made it out of that building what with the blurry vision.
Ahhhhh, rough stuff for a sensitive soul.
I'll go ahead and say it, I'm sensitive.
Hard as I tried to avoid it, I tortured myself all day with thoughts of what was.
Taking naps with tiny baby Zachary, sprawled out on white sheets in our sunny room.
Who would sneak in at first peep to get Roman out of his crib?
And Lily, well, she's a little lost without her best bud.
8 hours is a loooooong time.
But then he came home. And he loved it.
Loved it with a capital L.
I'm going to love it too. (eventually)
Just as I've loved every other step along the way.

(In his own words...)

a video for grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles!

Monday, August 16, 2010

An ending. And a beginning.

I'm not even going to try to aim for 'well written' on this post.
My emotions are running a bit high for that.
Tomorrow is the first day of school.
One the one hand, I'm excited, and looking forward to all the new opportunities.
And on the other hand, I'm devastated.
But enough about me.
I asked Zach what he wanted to do.
Our last day of summer looked like this...
Morning spent at Penguin Park.
Special lunch at McDonalds (with a toy!)
Zach helped make lasagna and chocolate cake while the littles napped.
Last minute haircut.
Back to school dinner.
Father's Blessings for Family Home Evening.
(Zachary hugged David for a full minute after the blessing...David's eyes were full of tears)
Pack the lunch.
Family Prayer and tuck in.
And now I need to get into bed.
But I doubt I will sleep.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gawden tomatoes are best.

David picked up the kids from their primary classes on Sunday.
Lily's teacher shared a story. She said,

"Lily is so funny. Today she raised her hand to say, 'Tomatoes from the gawden taste so much better than tomatoes from the gwocery store.'"

And Lily would know. She's got the twist and pull method for harvesting down pat, and she shakes exactly one pinch of salt on each slice.

I agree Lily. I agree.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Roman James Painter

It all started because I was trying to prepare dinner. Roman was pulling on my legs and whimpering at my feet. If there is one combination that sends me to the zero patience zone, it's whiny children during dinner prep. So I thought, "You know what kid? Have at it!" I plopped him down in the highchair with a spoon and a bowl of luke warm refried beans. Ahhhh, peace and quiet. After everything was chopped and sizzling on the stove, I headed over to feed the baby. In one fluid motion, I plucked the spoon from his hands and scooped a bite for the little starving guy. Finally, my eyes settled on him for the first time, his hands were frozen in the air. He looked at me incredulously and dropped his little head on the tray. Roman screamed and cried and kicked his legs at my audacity. I made a big big mistake. He was eating...with a spoon...for the first himself...and I interrupted. So I put the spoon back in his hands and softly encouraged him to keep going. His little 16 month old tantrum tears dried up in a nanosecond and he was back at work. I sat on a stool across from him and watched for a few moments. This time I thought, "You know what kid? What sort of person would I be without you? I love you so much!" I promised myself to slow down a little, and to pay attention a lot more.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today we made cupcakes.

We made cupcakes for a friend
(happy birthday margaret!)
My taste testers consumed one this morning.
But after the crumb-y mess,
we took the second one outside following dinner.
I think Lily's unprovoked expression of cupcake joy sums it up.
Cupcakes are good.