Thursday, February 28, 2013

a new look

Kitchen time!  We are mostly finished with kitchen projects (still hunting for a light fixture for the breakfast nook..gotta finish some painting...)  But it feels so good to be here.  Good to be done with the crazy parts.
  I walk downstairs each morning and pinch myself.
Kitchen before (well, we had already refinished the floors)

I like the antique brass hardware, warms the space up.  Knobs on top, pulls on bottom.
It's a big process trying to decide exactly where you want to spend your money,
and your (husbands) time.
There were a few ideas that didn't make it pass the chopping block, but all in all, I am loving the changes we did make.

 This little nook to the left of the refrigerator is one of my favorite places.
It's my baking pantry in a cabinet (idea ala pinterest)
I keep most baking supplies here as opposed to in the pantry.
The drawer on the right is filled with baking spices, 
and the drawer on the left contains all those baking gadgets
(measuring cups and spoons, mixer attachments etc.)
Below are my baking pans and trays. 
Organizing in this fashion has really streamlined my process.
 I love this little area in a ridiculous way.
I love that it's something one could implement in any kitchen.
View from behind the island.
I soooo appreciate how quiet the dishwasher is :)
(anything that lowers the decibel level in this house is a friend of mine!)
There were decisions to save or splurge the whole way through.
The faucet was one place I spent a little more, and I don't regret it a bit.
It's front and center in the kitchen and to me, like jewelry.
We saved on hardware (clearance find!), backsplash, and doing most work ourselves, 
but the other splurge was probably the countertops and again...we are so happy with the result.
It's a white quartzite stone with beautiful veining.
Between my wonderful (but messy/destructive) children, and my own kitchen habits,
I appreciate that it is durable and performs like a granite. 
Also loving....that deep single basin sink.

 David ran a new gas line, and my cooking dreams came true.  It's as wonderful as I suspected.

 Most all of the changes we made were cosmetic.  One thing I always loved about this kitchen was the layout.  It functions so well and has pretty little corners (like the glass cabinets) that keep it interesting.
Like most good things the kitchen was a combination of preparation (saving up our pennies) and right-timing (how long I dreamed of my own home again) and a large dose of blessing.  I feel the blessing part every time I walk into the kitchen.  It's super fun to dream and scheme and then to make it/see it happen.  Lots of satisfaction in the process for sure!
Now it's on to other projects, like actually hanging something on a wall.

Monday, February 25, 2013


This is surreal. 
It went through my mind each time I did something in preparation for Zachary's Baptism day.
Ordering his first quad-set with name lovingly engraved...
Emailing the program details...
Writing a little talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost...
Shopping for a snazzy new church outfit (for him)...
The significance of the day was not lost on me.
It was simple and meaningful.
And most importantly, his choice.
(what I love most about being baptized at the age of 8)
While singing the opening hymn Baptism (again, his choice)
the most sweet spirit filled my heart.
There are few life experiences that actually, truly reach the designation of joyful, 
but this, 
this was one of them.