Friday, May 29, 2009


There was deliberation about room arrangements before Roman came. I decided to put him in his own space, and let Lily and Zach have "bunky beds" as they call them. Good choice. Roman's little room is our spot to get away from the boisterousness that is the Painter Home. Having this place to go reminds me to stare into his little eyes and give him gobs of attention. Just yesterday -while in his room- he flashed a HUGE and full of purpose (not gas) smile at me. It's crazy what that does to my heart. Feels like it is going to leap from my chest.

The crib and dresser are finally painted and reassembled. Funny story. When we found out we were pregnant with Zach, David was over the moon. Super pumped. He WANTED to go shopping for a crib. We went to a baby store. I wasn't excited about anything I saw, but pointing to a set I said, "well, I guess of all the choices here, that one is my favorite". It was the first store we visited, I figured there would be plenty more. I was only a few weeks pregnant. The next day I got home from work and David was like, "oh, I had some extra time so I went back by the baby store and put the crib on lay-away, they said it was the only one left." I was like, "WHAT??" He thought lay-away was the same thing as HOLD. Didn't blink an eye when they asked for a non-refundable deposit. Needless to say, the crib and dresser set was ours. I think BECAUSE of that story, and how it represents Dave's enthusiasm for being a parent, I treasure it.
3 little guy and 1 medium guy:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's in the water...

Another fun and really purdy couple due in July. Kayla's friends set up this photo shoot and are surprising her with the pictures today at her baby shower! It's so cliche -but seriously- Kayla is one glowy, pregnant girl! Her skin is absolutely beautiful, I think she looks like Snow White with her dark hair, fair complexion, and perfect smattering of freckles.

Also, Jenny and Kayla have convinced me that next time (??-gasp-no time soon) I will have my picture taken while pregnant. Although in the midst of 9 months it certainly doesn't feel temporary, pregnancy is such a beautiful and fleeting life moment!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Potty Training Ninja

I think she's pretty cute.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jenny & Michael

It's a small world. But Jenny and I went to a big high school. The same one. Funny thing, we didn't actually know each other in high school, our paths crossed later at Lewis and Clark Elementary. (are you following?) We both taught the 4th graders. Ahh, seriously good times.
Seeing these photos makes me wish that we were still across the hall from each other. Heaven knows Jenny listened to me whine about pregnancy aches through my 9 months...and I sure would have a ball doing the same for her (Jenny, you know I'd cover your class if you had to puke!)
These first time parents are totally rad for deciding to be surprised in the delivery room! He or she is one lucky baby. There's a lot of love in this little family... (and incredibly photogenic genes)!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Brother!!!

Kyle is graduating...and I took his pictures! Sure he is tall, and handsome, a good uncle, studly and athletic...but don't let all those serious faces fool you.

LOVE YOU KYLE!! You are officially the last Sloan through Park made it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

May I always remember...

{Potty-training an independent little gal, said her undies were "just fine mom"}

I could hear them giggling ferociously as they climbed the stairs Mother's Day morning. From my bed I saw Zach holding my breakfast plate as carefully as he could, taking deliberate steps and watching it intently, so nothing would spill. Behind him was little Lily with a half-full glass of milk. She was rushing down the hallway and the milk was sloshing in, and out of, the cup. She got to my nightstand,banged it down, and said, "I spilled milk on the stairs mom, but it was just an accident!" They watched me with anticipation, asking after every bite if I liked my meal. I loved it. I remember watching my mom with the same anticipation. It was so exciting to do something for her. Zach kept coming back to check on my progress. I could tell he was trying to keep a secret, something was up. Finally, he could hold it in no longer, "Momareyoudone? Wehavechocolateandbanilladownstairswhenyouaredone." And then thoughtfully, But I don't want Daddy to know what I said!"

This is where the post falls into the toilet. Really, toilet humor. I can't help myself. This morning Zach and I had a memorable conversation.

After he announced this (so matter-of-factly) I tried hard, VERY HARD to keep a straight face and think of the appropriate reply. No use. I busted up laughing. And then I ran to write it down so I could read it later, word for word, to David...
{From the fascinating life files of a 4 year old boy}

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fast Paced Livin

An entire week has passed me by. I had to convince David it was Friday this morning, he didn't believe me. It's been wonderful, busy, exhausting.
Last Sunday we arrived at my parents house just before the tour bus pulled into their cul-de-sac. The neighbors stared as 30 or so boys in baseball warm ups marched off the bus. awesome. The BYU baseball team was playing in Manhattan, KS and stopped by for lunch before they made the drive. They ate 23 pounds of meat in about 23 minutes. It was amazing.
Also in town for the games was Ashley, who graciously played "favorite auntie" with her doting nephews and niece.
I packed up my kids on Monday to see BYU play K-State. Kevin pitched an awesome inning. And, in other exciting "I think my brothers are the coolest" news, Kyle signed (after weeks of deliberation) to play basketball. I can't even BEGIN to explain how excited I am that he is going to school in Kansas...close enough to see lots of games!
The rest of the week was 1 step forward 2 steps back as I tried to tackle my "MOM" list. To illustrate, Target. My shopping list was a meager 2 items. It was more of a trial run than anything else. We made it to the checkout before we had any major "issues". Of course, the checkout line is where everyone else gets to observe your parenting skills as you fish for your money while holding a crying baby's binkie, return the mystery candy that appeared in the cart, and retrieve the 2 year old from behind a vacant register (those buttons look FUN!). I was a zone...JUST.GET.TO.THE.CAR. Five minutes later everyone was buckled in and I opened my door when a lady came running out of the store hollering for us.
"You left your bag in the store!" she said.
This story has a happy ending. If life has a point system, she earned MAJOR marks for offering to get my bag. She brought it out with a big smile, I thanked her profusely and made some joke about being crazy. She offered one bit of wisdom as she walked away,
"Don't worry, it will be YEARS before you get your brain back!"
I SO believe her.