Friday, February 25, 2011

MCI -> LAS -> PDX -> MCI

I enjoyed my Monday to Monday get-a-way...
hopping from climate to climate to see some beautiful friends.
I didn't take a picture, but I loved staying in Katherine's gorgeous home and eating her homemade pizza, shopping for decor, talking, catching up and generally enjoying a warm Las Vegas winter.
Next up, Portland.
We all agreed our husbands rock,
and let us enjoy a weekend away.
We visited the temple together,
rented an incredible beach house,
and generally had no plans except for lots of shopping, eating and talking.
Being surrounded by talented, compassionate and smart women was so wonderful.
I am so blessed to call them friends.
Memories to last a lifetime for sure.

One more thing...
I remember the transition from single to kids to mother...
and each time, there was a period of realizing that my "me time" was
getting a tad bit smaller.
(close to non-existent these days?)
So having a week,
to myself was lovely.
lovely, lovely, lovely.
But it was also just enough time to miss my children,
and miss sharing a bed with my husband,
and realize that although a girl needs time away,
my life here is pretty good too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

PDA a few minutes I'll be heading off for a get-a-way trip thanks to my thoughtful husband.

And so, because he's great, and it's Valentine's Day (and we will be apart) I wanted to steal away and record a little something that means a lot to me.

Last week I walked into my room and saw David sitting at the head of the bed, facing the nightstand, and sorta hunched over. I assumed he was doing something on his phone, I grabbed my magazine and left the room. An hour later I came back and he was still there. Same position. So, I said in the wifey-condescending way I am so good at, "Are you seriously STILL on your phone?" He looked up and I saw a needle and thread in his hands. oops. He hadn't been playing games, there he was stitching up one of my cardigans that had a hole in it. I apologized for being so rude and I told him I was so grateful that he had thought to stitch my cardigan. I thanked him over and over. How nice that he would notice that! But over the course of the week, I realized that he had stitched much more than just my cardigan. He had put a button on a blouse, sewn up a pair of pants that had a few holes, and even a new sock that I received for Christmas had been repaired. All in all, there were about 7 items of my clothing that he fixed for me. I couldn't believe it. First, that he even KNEW which clothing needed repair (it's not like I put them all in a pile, or ever said anything to him about it), and second, that he was so thoughtful to spend his evening doing that.

And so to my David Painter,
I love you.
What a wonderful wonderful gift.
It truly means more to me than 4 dozen roses and a fancy Valentine's dinner.
You are so good to me, and I love you more each year.
All my love,

good luck this week!
(and if you're local, he's accepting dinner invitations haha!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zachary is 6!

Zachary's 6th birthday bash was a Lego party.
Very fitting for the boy who wakes up 1.5 hours before school in order to play with Legos.
We had fun gathering ideas for the party. (so much inspiration here)
Zach was able to help assemble the invitations, and deliver them.
More than once I overheard him tell the invitee to please share the jellybeans with their siblings.
He's always been a thoughtful kid.
At the party, we played a Lego-drop game, and pin-the-lego game.
But the big hit was a homemade Lego piñata that David created.
It was a pull-string piñata he rigged up out of a cardboard box, swimming noodle and spray paint.
And it certainly was my favorite part.
Worked like a CHARM, and the kids giggled with anticipation at each string pulled.
We sang and ate cake, opened presents and admired Zachary's new toys.
Although our little home was stuffed to the brim with party people,
I'd say it was a success.
Happy, Happy Birthday to Zachary!