Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love Bugs

Mine. These are my little love bugs! Cutest in the morning when they still have their pajamas on, and blankets close...they like to cuddle.

And congrats to two other LOVE BUGS! Kevin and Ashley are getting married!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wannabe member

We have to stop at the bike rack each morning before we enter the gym. (that's right...the gym) Thanks to Kristy and AJ, I am using my free month at 24 hr fitness. It's so so fun. And so so good. I have a gym buddy too, which makes going to the gym, a chance to chat. We go to 3 classes a week, then lift and cardio on the other days. I haven't felt this great for years. Seriously. I get a little anxious to think about my free trial ending in a couple weeks. My husband is great and honestly says "yes" to everything I ever mention (including gym membership), but I am just so fickle. I am undeniably a "saver". Goodness, I even have towels given to us at our WEDDING (almost 6 years ago), that I am apparently "saving" until our others wear out (my, that is embarrassing to admit). So, as you can see, for me, a gym membership seems a bit frivolous. But don't get me wrong. I am not the saint saver. I like to scheme. I like to find ways to talk myself into the things I really want! Which is why this whole Economic Stimulus money that has been conveniently deposited into my checking account is making my brain go crazy with ideas. In my spare time (which I obviously have too much of) I have created a little list of things I would purchase with this "free" money.

1. Gym Membership

2. Dualit toaster

3. Chi flatiron

4. Retro phone for nightstand

5. lamp shade

6. stroller

(I like the caboose strollers, nice that the big kid can ride too)

7. new jeans

8. frying pan

9. Kitchen Aid

10. dust buster

11. Marvis toothpaste

12. Milk Delivery
(ok, so Winder Farms doesn't deliver in Texas...but this delivery service was a gift from my parents when we lived in Heber, UT...and it was the BEST thing ever. I've never forgotten it.

13. Glasses

14. My favorite magazine subscriptions

All dreamy stuff. But let's be honest. The money will most likely (re: definitely) end up in the savings account...perhaps for that down payment in October, or to replace all the appliances we got rid of when we moved. But maybe...just maybe I can find a way to get that Gym membership.

In other, way more exciting sister is here! Anna is going to be with us all summer! (working as Dave's office manager) It has already been almost a week, and the time has FLOWN by! Too much fun! We've hung at the pool, shopped at the mall, and watched movies while eating WAY too much candy! I really do realize how blessed we are to have her here. So fun to be "living together" again. Especially now that she is older. She was 13 when Dave and I married, so the last time we spent THIS much time together she liked The Little Mermaid and NSync (ok, maybe an exaggeration). It's all changed now. She is most certainly bestowing some of her coolness on me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Book Club

Even Batman takes a break from crime fighting to read!
Please notice the...

I have been to better libraries. In fact, the one we just left in Oregon will be hard to beat. Ever. It was new, and big and beautiful. With a cafe and duck pond and huge children's section. They had tables and puzzles, and hop scotch on the carpet (which my children NEVER missed). The one we go to now is old, a bit shabby looking, and has a smaller collection of books. Not much to write home about...except for story time. I have NEVER been to a better story time! There is always a theme, like brushing your teeth, or Moms (for mother's day). They put on extravagant puppet shows, and always have music with live instruments. They do crafts and go on field trips. It's free. It's fun. It's one of the things I have added to my mental list: "Reasons to like Houston".

It may sound hokey, but I appreciate the story time people. And "those" kind of people in general. The ones who take something that is not too shiny, and turn it into something beautiful. They don't have a big budget, a fancy job title, or even very nice facilities. I'm pretty sure there are no "awards" to win for "best story time", and I doubt that enough positive comments could affect their paycheck. But on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30, they go the extra mile, the kids think it's magical, and the moms sit back and smile.

Speaking of moms, the ones I know also fit this description! :) I really enjoyed Mother's Day. Everyone got into the spirit. My husband cooked, Lily gave me a BIG hug and kiss, and maybe my favorite (or at least the most memorable) comment came from Zach. I am guessing that he had been prepped for the day by something like, "make sure you tell your mother how much you love and appreciate everything she does for you!" Which is why it totally made sense for him to tell me with as much passion as a 3 year old can muster, "Mom, thank you so, so, so, much for washing my shooting Spiderman underwear. I really like when you do that. It is such a good choice mom. It makes me really happy when you do that mom!"

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tag - Kids Edition

Muscle ManYou don't have to tell this kid to relax

This tag involves listing 8 things about the Painter kids:
Zachary Cannon Painter - age 3
1. Zachary loves to "teach" Lily new words, (and she loves to talk). Often the following conversation can be heard in our house,
"Lily say 'PRIN'"....
"Good! Lily say 'CESS'"...
"Good! Now say 'PRINCESS'"
I just love that he breaks the words down into syllables for her!
2. Zach is very good at letting us know he loves us. It is always such a wonderful surprise when he will say, "Mom, I yuve you" (L's are still hard for him). Tonight when he was getting into bed he told me that he "yuves our family" and listed each of our names.
3. Zachary enjoys playing basketball. He is really good at dribbling the ball around while running and it always amazes me the amount of time he will spend "shooting" the ball at the regulation size goal. It doesn't seem to discourage him that the ball never even gets half-way to the goal, he just continues to shoot and shoot and shoot as if each time is an "almost" there!
4. Zachary has two favorite songs. He loves 'A Child's Prayer' and 'I love to see the Temple'. He can sing the words to many children's hymns. He also loves to say the prayers around our house. He blesses his friends and family a lot. This part takes a long time because he doesn't want to leave anyone out. He lists his family by name and asks that they stay safe. He also is often grateful for his toys!

happy girl

the entire time she was in the pool she kicked her legs and said, "kick, kick, kick"

Lily Anne Painter - age 1

1. Lately, Lily has been waking up from nap time before her brother. When we walk down the hall out of her bedroom, she puts her finger to her mouth and says, "shh, shh, shh...Zach" Her favorite thing is to go into his room, and watch him sleeping. She has a pattern. She stands at his bedside for about 30 seconds. Then she begins softly, "shh, shh, shh". It gets a little louder, "Shh, Shh, Shh" and finally, it's more like a windstorm, "SHH, SHH, SHH" If this doesn't wake him up, she has been known to resort to things like throwing stuffed animals at him.

2. Lily is a good cuddle bug. She gives LOTS of hugs and kisses freely. What I love most is that she doesn't just put her arms around you for a hug. She SQUEEZES as tightly as she can. Nothing better in the world.

3. Lily is fast. We call her "squiggle", and whenever she hears that, she will take off running to show you just how fast she can go. Her "show" also includes some crazy angles and her famous "jumps". Jumping is one of her favorite things to do.

4. This is a fun age because her language is exploding. There is not a word she won't try to repeat. I am also continually amazed at Lily's confidence in new situations. Nursery was a breeze for her. I love that she runs into the room and heads straight for the table with potato head people. (she knows the drill)...there is never any crying. I also love that when we come to the door to pick her up, she runs to me saying "MOMMY"! At the Library Story time, Lily hands her "ticket" to the lady at the door and walks right in and finds a spot on the floor. (I am usually telling her brother, "Its OK, this is going to be fun, why don't you go sit by Lily!") hehe! I find this part of her personality fascinating because I was so opposite as a child.

Thanks for the tag Alissa! I hope that anyone who would like to, will do this "tag". What a great snapshot in time. I enjoyed recording random facts and stories that might otherwise be forgotten! I know everyone has 'em...go on!