Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The littlest one

Oh my love. My chubba bubba, as I like to say. You are approaching 4 months old. What!? It's true. You are such a good good baby boy. So very patient with all the people who want to cuddle and nibble on your cheeks.

You are sleeping through the night, you are standing on your little legs, you are smiling and giggling at your brothers and sisters, and you just love to talk to anyone that will listen. You twist your tongue in all sorts of funny ways to make noises and you always look so pleased when you find a new one.

This afternoon, while the older kids were sleeping, you and I laid out on a blanket in the back yard. It was fun. I'd like to say that you didn't want to leave, that hour after hour passed and I stared into your eyes, and we cuddled and let Dad snap some pictures of us...

but I'd be lying.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Some things...

Last week our Family Home Evening was David's idea. We sang (learned) the verse about Jonah in the 'Follow the Prophet' primary song, shared the story of Jonah and the Whale, watched the little scripture video and then carved our own whales out of soap. I love when FHE is a success! The kids had fun, remember the story, and the soap whales transitioned right into bath and bedtime! "Let's take your whales in the bath!"
David's 10-year reunion was this weekend. So much fun. really. And what happens when you remind two people with three young children that they used to be love-struck teenagers and send them out for a night, sans kids, to hang out with people from yesteryear? They don't come home until 3am. Oh my gosh. We have paid the price dearly.
Yesterday I drove to my sister's house to deliver some birthday cupcakes. That means I drove right by our old house in Auberndale. Gosh, I felt physically ill. That sickly longing feeling is just so rotten. I really, really wished that I could pull into the driveway and walk back into my home. It still feels like my home. Also, (I drove REAL slow) I noticed the lady who bought our house still has my curtains up. It made me kind of happy. I obsessed over the fabrics, and I sewed them myself. Glad she likes my style (or maybe she is just saving her pennies to replace them) but I like to think she enjoys them. I don't enjoy her dumb face statues on the front porch. To each her own I suppose.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Turning TWO!

My goodness. This photo shoot stuff is really really fun!
Little girlie with ringletts, her twin best buddies (and their little bro), oh we had a good time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I read her book in 1 day. I stuffed myself with her "winning hearts and minds" cake in approximately 1 hour. This dessert is dangerous. 5 ingredients. Melt, stir, bake. And this new cake habit is not helping my "I've got two 10-year reunions coming up and I just had a baby" cause. But it sure does pass a lazy afternoon and it really beats folding the laundry.

Recipe for a smile

1. I have a tongue?

2. I guess this could be fun.

3. Is this what you were looking for?

Some Days...

it's simply too hot to be a superhero.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It's funny how we've really reached that point where it is impossible to imagine life without our little Roman. I mean really, really impossible. I've always had three kids right?

Oh sure, the kids had a blast with sparklers, tanks, snappers and whatnot. But living in other states for two years, I forgot how exhilarating, how over the top, how COMPLETELY LEGAL, (some might say redneck) Missouri gets on the 4th of July. My parents neighborhood hires a big-time display. The best part was driving in my dad's truck, Dave and kids in the back for kicks, and heading to the show. The streets were FULL of people and cars and exploding fireworks and (firework) trash and lots and lots of food and music, more exploding fireworks, red-white & blue house lights, flags and all manner of patriotic paraphernalia. Kids were running wild with punks and lighters in one hand and gobs of explosives in the other. My mom and I agreed, next year we are going to record it. UNREAL-and super fun.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Two things.
Today, I have been married for 7 years.
Also, David (and his new business) was featured in an article that ran in the Sunday paper last week. (click here for the link)
And although these don't seem related, and maybe it's unromantic to mention pest control and your wedding anniversary in the same post, it got me thinking.
Life is full of experiences that cause you to exclaim, "I can't believe I'm DOING this!"
For example, when I was "Betty Body" in the 4th grade play. I stood on the stage in my spandex outfit sewed by my mother and held the microphone waiting for the music to start so I could sing and dance to my solo. I clearly remember thinking, "I can't believe I'm DOING this!"
I thought the same thing as I drove away for college, headed to a school and a state where I literally knew NO ONE.
Partnership could be my favorite aspect of being married to David. Because included in our mortal experience, we each have moments that are intimidating, remarkable, painful, and miraculous. It's comforting to share those with your spouse.
In our marriage there have been many opportunities to grow our relationship. Starting this new business is certainly one of them. "I can't believe we're DOING THIS!"
Last Sunday I stood outside of QuickTrip and sifted through the sections to find his article. I beamed with pride, I squealed out loud as I read, and I glanced up to look at David when I finished. Our eyes locked and I could tell that he was mostly enjoying how enthusiastic I was.
I am his biggest fan, and he is mine.
I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

People smile as they ask how I'm adjusting to life with 3 kiddos...

I woke up to feed Roman. While nursing, Lily came to stand by me. She pooped in her diaper. She wanted to be changed immediately. I told her I would help her as soon as I was done. Roman finished and we headed upstairs for a clean diaper. On the way Zach called out from the bathroom "MOM, I'm DONE!" (which means come wipe me). So all four of us squeezed into the half bath. I held the baby in one hand and wiped a bum with the other. Meanwhile, Roman decided he'd had a bit too much jostling and not enough burping. He puked all over Zachary's head. White goo ran from his hair, down his shirt and pooled on the floor. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror as I tried to distract Zach so his overactive gag reflex would not create another mess.

It was 7:20 am.

This reminds me. I've read that story wherein the homemaker is presented with an employment fill-in-the-blank. She always writes some lofty sounding description like Domestic Engineer. I don't know, that is entirely too complicated for me. Next time I'm asked I think I'll say, "I deal in liquids and semi-solids."

Unplanned, I baked a cake that night. Carrots, coconut, pineapple, walnuts, exactly 3 eggs was providential. The kids skipped around the house chanting, "Mom's baking a cake!" And I discovered how much LEVERAGE a baking cake creates. They picked up their toys so quickly, they stopped arguing at the mere mention of missing out. I think I will bake cakes more often.