Saturday, October 27, 2007

Batman and The Bee

Zach has been looking forward to halloween for WEEKS! In a prayer last week he thanked Heavenly Father for "letting me be batman for halloween, and letting Lily be a bee!" Also, a few days ago he woke up from a nap and walked into my room, he whispered to me "Mom, I am so excited for Halloween!" He has also been pumping up his sister by saying in a very serious tone, "Lily, (long pause for dramatics) bees are so, so, so, so, cute!"

So Friday was the church Halloween party, I took these photos before we left. Please notice batman's expression in every picture...he would NOT smile. Once he was in costume he was all business. The boy who NEVER looks at the camera was boring his eyes right through it! There was no lack of what he calls "fight man poses"! And Lily...sweet, sweet Lily, true to prediction was so, so, so, cute!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goodwill to all

My husband probably thought I was crazy bringing home this ugly painting from the Goodwill...but it was only 9 bucks and I knew I could use it to make a magnet board for Lily's room. (remember the felt board in Zach's room...same idea...just for magnets instead!)
...some galvanized steel, paint and glaze (thank you mom) ...they love it!
In fact, Zach keeps asking when I am going to make one for his room!
I liked the color so much...that late one night after painting...I started scheming what else I could "transform"...first my breakfast tray...then maybe dave's nightstand...a few chairs and, AHHHH put down the paintbrush! I called my good friend Amy and told her to please bring over anything she wanted turquoise, so that I didn't paint every accessory I own! The offer still stands! (although the breakfast tray didn't make it!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Little Kids in a Big World

We had such a blast at the Children's Museum last week...thanks Amy for the invite! This little waterfall was the first thing you see when you walk in...of course, a magnet for kiddies!

Need help selecting produce? She's your gal! Lily LOVED putting fruit on the scale.
Zach loved the clay room...although we didn't walk away with a little pot because he preferred to "paint" the clay with water. His little hunk of clay had basically melted into the table by the time we moved on! Not too worried, I figure I have YEARS ahead of me to collect clay pots!
In the transportation room, Zach and Lily "drove" the bus. A little girl walked in and asked them "Where we going?", Zach didn't even think, he just said, "This bus is goin' to Target!" Oh boy! Parents in the room gave me a knowing smile!

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Dammie and Papa"

We miss "Dammie and Papa"! We did some shopping, went to the coast and visited a pumpkin patch! Time flew by WAY to fast! I can't wait for Christmas! LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!

The Tag

So I can only obey rule #2..because I don't know 6 more people who haven't already been "tagged"! But in the spirit of this crazy blog thing....

1. In 5th grade I was voted Stu Co VP...I beat out the most popular girl (she told me so herself) whose mother printed up bumper stickers and pencils for the whole school! While everyone else promised the classic, "soda in the water fountain" type stuff in their speech to the school, I walked out with a boom box, turned on the music and rapped my speech! SWEET!

2. I HATE being alone at night. Actually, I have only spent 1 night alone (in Heber City) and I didn't go to sleep until 5:30 am. Every time my husband goes out of town I go to my parents house (kids and all)...and once when my parents where gone as well...Dave "hired" his brother to come stay with us! (sad I know) so next month Dave is gone for a week and I am freaking out! (no parents house to run to) so he PROMISED to take care of it! I can't wait to see what he does! hehe! (maybe an ad in the yellow pages?)

3. This will make more sense once you have read #2....but I still sleep with "my" blanket...which actually resembles shredded cotton more than anything else! HA! But what makes this even more pathetic is that sometimes Zach finds it under my pillow and brings it to me "here is your blankie mom!"

4. I vacuum (almost) everyday. At LEAST 5 times a week....I am told this is excessive, I thought it was normal!

5. I am competitive. I actually am SURE this dates back to my childhood. There is a famous story about the first swing set our family ever bought. My dad spent an ENTIRE Saturday putting it together and didn't finish until it was dark and past our bedtime. We were dreaming of swinging and sliding and riding on the glider. The moment of truth arrived and dad broke out his stopwatch and we couldn't play until we had a flex arm hang see who could hang the longest on the new bar! ahaha! LOVE IT!

6. I have always wanted to be a storm chaser...or at least go on an official ride with storm chasers. (living in Missouri was slightly more conducive to this dream) Tornadoes are seriously SO exciting! Although, I guess I am not that tough considering I still come home and sleep with my blankie!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Chlorophyll is Breaking Down!!

For Family night we had a lesson on Autumn. Before we went for our walk to collect different colored leaves...I was explaining that leaves change color and fall to the ground. Zach seemed really interested in what I was saying (wasn't really planning on this..thought he'd like the "nature walk" more!) so I started racking my brains for more to say...that is when this gem popped out (see title...thanks BIO 100)! Needless to say it was slightly above his head...although he now has a new word that he likes to break out whenever talking about leaves!

Grandpa and Grandma are here! SO FUN! (in fact, it's the only reason I am blogging considering OUR computer bit the dust on Monday!...and they brought 2!)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sous-Chef at Dinnertime

Our dinner prep routine:
She opens the cabinet with pots and pans and pulls the smallest one out. Next, she takes my towel and I give her spoons. And there she sits, banging and stirring (and looking at her reflection in the pan). Happy as a lark...until she notices the camera...then she wants that!