Thursday, March 20, 2014

A First (mini) Haircut

I think Poppy officially holds the title in our family at 2 1/2, for making it this far without needing a haircut.  Although, she most definitely sat on her perch and chatted it up with her hairdresser like she was a regular.  Oh Poppy.  I love that little pixie.

En Plein Air

Spring Break is here!  We've made the most of it, and enjoyed some fabulous weather.  During quiet time I walked by the front door and spotted this little artist peinture sur le motif (painting on the ground) !!  Love it.  I admire all her works of art.  For Christmas she asked for art supplies.  She wanted the good stuff, pastels, clay, origami paper.  She's been experimenting with all of her new materials, and yet, one is never too old for Crayola.