Friday, May 3, 2013

Take your Child to Work Day

I remember as a teacher that this day always signaled the end of the school year (four weeks left!)
And I am pretty sure at this point my children see "take your child to work day" as one filled with donuts and lunch out.  But when I look at this picture, and those heads fitted with EcoElite hats, I can't help but feel a new and more personal significance to this yearly event.  I think it might always remind me of throwing our proverbial hat (and savings) in the ring...and all the unknowns and uncertainty that came with it.  We had no grand illusions of monetary success,  but more we were just trying to provide for our growing family, and take what felt like the right step (as scary and stress-inducing as it was).  Our children always displayed implicit trust in us.  Of course this shipment of hats (or uniforms or fliers or whatever) just showed up on the doorstep for Dad.  When inside I'm like, "Who the heck are we to be doing this!" as the delivery man walks away.  Perhaps it's just another one of those reversals I seem to constantly run into during this parenting experience. Here we are, supposedly exposing them to career ideas, letting them in on our "adult" day to day, when they have always been, and will always be both the motivation and the encouragement behind the entire operation.