Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tomorrow's the day!

Ring pops, Bubbletape, Christmas tree cakes, Juicy Drop-Outs, Kit Kats, Push Pops, peanut butter cups, Kisses, and chocolate santas...it's the stuff (my kids) dreams are made of. Tomorrow kicks off our official count-down, and I am all sorts of excited. I love to hear their squeals when they discover what is hiding in those boxes. Toothbrushes are ready!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a fall full of football

Football at our house is over. (ahhhhhhh)
We've had practice Tuesday and Thursday since August...and games on Saturday.
This league doesn't mess around.
(for the record, I wanted to sign Zach up for the YMCA version of flag football...it's a little (ok, a lot) less intense, but I let his father make the final decision :)
I'll admit, he made a good choice.
David was probably more concerned with the actual teaching of football skills...but I was most encouraged by the details. I loved that they called each boys name as they ran onto the field at the beginning of games, I loved homecoming festivities complete with parade down to our home field!
David also played in a competitive flag league this fall.
The best part was hearing Zach shout strategy from the sidelines. ha!

(Zachary's Kindergarten School Picture)
On Friday Zach was excited to tell me about his day at school.
He said the principal announced his name over the intercom and he got to pick a dog tag from the office. He showed me the dog tag and was beaming ear to ear.
I read the engraving on one side of the tag, "caught being good"
I told him, "it says you were caught being good Zachary! That's so great honey, what was it that you did to be picked for this award?"
And continuing with his biggest smile ever he said,
"I have no idea."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where credit is due



Last week David spent an entire day painting furniture for me.
We're swapping rooms around here.
It's a lot of work to decorate on a shoestring budget,
but David is always willing to make my dreams come true :)
Oh, and it was also deer hunting weekend.
So he was just scoring some extra points
and ensuring I had nothing to whine about while he was gone.
(It worked.)
I've started to assemble the rooms,
and there is a lot left to do.
But boy oh boy, it's my favorite thing..."setting up".
Just ask my mom, who swears I never never actually played house as a little girl.
She says I spent the whole time setting up my kitchen.
I annoyed more than one playmate, and some sisters too I'm sure.

**Lily's beautiful bed is an antique from craigslist,
and the detail shot is her polka-dot duvet cover and fabric for a pillow...
(that has yet to be made).**

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's been a year since I took these photographs (link to old photos).
So it was time, it seems, for an update.

Tonight, I just want to share a small sentiment that has been marinating in my mind all day. It's a mash-up of two different experiences. Today I thought about how much better I am feeling, (and how long I was sick) and began to make a list of all the things I've been wanting to tackle, that have been on hold for a week +. And then this afternoon I prepared food for dear friends who are in the process of saying goodbye to their father.

It's not that the two are related, because one is supremely more significant than the other, but it was the combination of processes that impressed my soul.

Tonight I am full of gratitude for my blessings.
for eternal marriage
for my beautiful babies
for each and every day i have on this earth
...to learn, to grow, to serve.

I hope to fill the frames with those sweet faces for many many years to come.
But I also understand that there are no guarantees.
Life is beautiful, and sometimes I'm reminded, fragile.

It's a spectacular thing to remember.
Because it elevates each simple and small moment.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crawling out of bed.

It is not an exaggeration to say that I spent the majority of last week in bed.
The first week of November...gonzo.
And so, this is from the last bit of October.
We celebrated my grandfather's birthday in St. Louis.
(and below...the hotel. Arguably the kids FAVORITE part.)
Two blankets and one thumb.
And then, there was that sunny Friday in October when we snuck off to the zoo.
Roman was fascinated. He really really loved it all.
And we saw the new Polar Bear Plunge exhibit.
I think it was everyone's favorite.

Oh, the energy I had.
I am trying to get it back.