Friday, November 25, 2011

My Girls

Thanksgiving is such a perfect holiday.
All about gratitude and food, what's not to love?
My mom took these shots yesterday.
I treasure them.

Monday, November 21, 2011

On a gray, winter-like morning...

I am cleaning up from the festivities of yesterday.
Poppy was blessed in church.
Sweet little Poppy cried through the entire thing, making her daddy quite nervous.
David gave a beautiful blessing as always.
I love all baby blessings,
but there is something especially tender about listening to a father bless his tiny girl.
We had a luncheon at our home after our meetings.
I received a new journal this weekend and knew pretty quickly what I wanted to use it for.
I love planning special occasions for my family,
usually jotting down long lists and ideas or sketches on paper.
I am hoping that it might be fun in years to come to flip back through this journal
and see the shopping list for a child's fourth birthday, or baptism, or graduation party.
Poppy's blessing is the inaugural entry in that little book.
I shared my thoughts about her blessing at the end.
But I suppose that I am also hoping somewhere down the road,
my family will read a bit deeper into the lists for
grainy Dijon and Gruyere,
and understand that those careful notes and planning are just evidence of
one way I attempted to show my love for them.
I hope they remember that we celebrated their important milestones,
that we celebrated them.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shatto Milk

Pretty skies and no school on Friday.
We headed to the dairy farm.
I think everyone would agree that the best part was standing around sampling milk.
Root-beer, Strawberry, Banana, Orange and of course Chocolate.
We also tasted their traditional eggnog and the pumpkin spice flavor.
yum and yum.
(8 varieties of cheese and delicious sweet butter!...amazing)
It was a delightful tour,
the kind that makes you feel really good about supporting a farm like Shatto.
The drive out was beautiful,
and I began to ramble on about how I could really live in the country.
I pictured a big garden, fruit trees and wide open spaces.
Every little town out there has three things...
a Dollar General, a Casey's Gas Station and a Sonic/Pizza Hut/Subway (insert one).
But these days with technology, it wouldn't feel so isolating.
I mean, Amazon sells everything correct? UPS delivers everywhere, right?
Then David pulled out his phone and said..."There is no internet connection."
Ummmm. I might have to think on it a little more. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!


Happy Halloween!
The Super Heroes
A Princess
And the Sweetest Little Strawberry

The Little Strawberry has a secret...SHE SMILES!