Thursday, January 23, 2014

These kids...always teaching me :)

One morning, a couple weeks ago, Roman spent over 2 hours putting various puzzles together.  There was Lightening McQueen, Dora, Peanuts...and on and on.  Every time he started a new one, I became more and more impressed by his patience and focus.  And every time he finished another one, I could see his confidence building.  "Puzzle master extraordinaire!!"  I would say as I passed his diligent work.  He smiled big, and I was reminded of the pattern that hard work plus patience, often equals ability and self assurance.

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Little Violet

It's wild how quickly she grows.  We only keep the same routine for just a few weeks before she's moving on, changing, and entering the next stage.  Right now she wakes up from her morning nap just after Poppy and Roman lay down for a little quiet time.  Truthfully, I love the days when there is overlap, and I get a few moments (!!) to myself...but also, I love hearing her stir.  Violet makes little noises and finally I can't stand it any longer. GOT.TO.GO.SEE.THE.CHUBBBY.CHEEKED.BABY!  Some days we spend an hour or so in her room.  Nursing.  Poopy blow-outs (hey, its real life).  Drooling on toys (her).  Reading magazines (me).  It's amazingly peaceful, and excellent at decreasing my stress. Silent house, winter outside the window, and I'm hanging out with a cute cuddly baby.