Sunday, February 26, 2012


I feel compelled to purchase, obligated even, when I see a poppy.
Perhaps it's that phenomenon that happens when you're made aware of something, and you begin to see it everywhere.
There are new pillow shams, a dress for when she's two, a shirt for when she's three and napkins for (?) her first birthday?
I even bought a buddy poppy from the lady at the grocery store.
Absolutely I want to support veterans, but truth be told, it was a poppy!
I'm hoping this wears off soon, because I'm not really into heavy themes or collections.
The way I see it...
At worst: a slight compulsion.
At best: an irresistible reminder of how cherished my own little Poppy is.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A picture from today, this is a rose from our dinner date on Valentines!
It's been cheering me up each day sitting so pretty in my kitchen.
I feel like I should tell you that, happily, the speeding ticket ordeal has resolved itself.
I called the city to see when I could come (in person!) to pay my
fine(s), and the lady on the phone paused for a minute and asked,
"What is your name?"
I was only half-way through when she exclaimed,
"I've been looking for you!"
Turns out she found my sad little crumpled up envelope (postmarked accordingly)
in the bottom of a mail basket and was trying to track me down.
But with no phone number on the ticket, she had resorted to facebook!
I just love that. I love the thought of it.
But sadly, I'm not on facebook.
Anyhow. It's worked out. over. sigh of relief. and it made my WEEK!
Back to the flower.
When I took the picture of the rose this afternoon, I was just sort of playing with the light.
But once loaded on my computer, I realized it was reminding me of Cathy, my father in law's girlfriend.
We attended her funeral this week.
She loved flowers. And if I had them in my home, and she was over, you better believe she was going on and on about how beautiful they were, and how much she loved them.
Cathy also loved life. And sweet-tarts. And Marilyn Monroe.
She bought gifts for my children waaaaaay before the actual event.
Like Poppy's birth?
Her gift was purchased months before.
Because she loved us.
And was thinking about us.
And because she was genuine.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two weeks have transpired...

This blog has never been a real-time accounting of our lives or feelings.
There is plenty of goodness that will probably go unrecorded.
(Zach's Star Wars Party! Kyle's awesome basketball games!)
And there are certainly things I'm all too happy to forget about.
(the city didn't receive my mail-in money order to pay my speeding ticket and now they've doubled my *already extensive* fine and I have a court date!?)
Asked to describe my current state, I'd say: frazzled.
I've struggled under the combined weight of my commitments, obligations and responsibilities.
But asked to describe what keeps me going: I'd point to the picture above.
It's a concerted effort to elevate what it is that means the very most to me.

Two of my loves...

had a birthday in January.
It's like a time warp.
I took these pictures two years ago.
We celebrated the same way. Chocolate cake and fruit pizza.
And though they are older and wiser today, one thing has remained.
Their goodness.
They are the sort you want in your corner, on your team, by your side.
They are solid, unselfish and kind.
I love them.
I am a lucky girl.