Thursday, September 25, 2008

Me and the Queen of England

"Dad" had just laid down for a short (and well deserved) snoozer, but don't you know, wherever dad is too!
I got home from the park the other day and a big white sack from one of those good, good, bad stores was sitting on my table. Inside was a familiar site. The note. We've left notes for each other since we were 16. On cars, in lockers, under pillows. Great memories. I remember coming out of basketball practice one cold winter night and there was a note on my car. It said, "check behind your tire before you drive you". Sure enough, a single rose and a carton of eggnog stashed in the snow beneath my door. Life's gotten busy with adult responsibilities and parenthood, and the note game has slowed significantly since we were young and crazy in love. But I felt all those crazy in love feelings yesterday just seeing that green paper, and his said, "Ha, ha,'s not here. Now the fun begins, your toaster is somewhere in the house. Good luck. love Dave." My toaster!!?? A week ago Dave said he had all these credit card points, and just for fun, what would I buy? In my mind, as long as you never pay interest, credit card points are like monopoly I think I scared him with how quickly I rattled off 3 or 4 extravagant purchases I would make. Then I asked him..."what would you buy?" Funny how my answers involved 1 item, and his more like 7 or 8. This is actually one reason I love my husband. SO not trendy, SO not concerned with things money can buy (unless maybe you're talking about land, or hunting equipment). He's a good and constant reminder for balance. Which is why, bless his heart, when he stood at that checkout counter and the saleswomen from England nodded approvingly, he probably whimpered inside. To anyone else, what she said would have been the clincher, proof of a good purchase. But to my sweet Dave, when she declared in her thick accent, "Why the Queen of England has this toaster!", it only reaffirmed the silliness of such a thing. All I can say is that I FEEL like royalty and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with my new appliance.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Run-in with Ike

You think they knew a hurricane was coming!? No way, they spent the evening exerting lots of energy per usual.
And they thought it was WAY cool to use their batman and princess flashlights ALL NIGHT!
oh, and sleep in the closet too.
I have to laugh at these pictures I took around 1am, when I thought the winds were kicking up. I was getting excited...HA! NOTHING compared to the winds at 4 am - 6 am...sheesh! I didn't even leave my hallway during that time for fear my windows were going to blow in, truly, I was scared! So there are no pictures of serious hurricane winds!
Of course, no hurricane could stop our enthusiasm for breakfast! Its amazing how good hot food tastes when there is no electricity! :)
Our apartment grounds were littered with shingles, trees, branches, metal roofing pieces, fencing, and all sorts of other debris.
Trees took a major beating, that is, if they were even standing when it was over.

A building in our complex. Luckily, our particular building did not experience THIS much roof damage. These poor people had tons of water damage.
These next few photos are businesses that are within walking distance from our home. Damage and flooding.
And remember THIS little tree outside my bedroom window?...
she didn't fare too well.

I'm going to admit it. I wasn't nervous in the least about hurricane Ike. I figured that growing up in Missouri with severe storms and the chance for tornadoes, had prepared me for anything a hurricane could do (at least do to someone living 50 miles inland). I guess I likened people's hysteria to my experience living in other states when a "thunderstorm" would roll in... and people would talk about it for days. I'd turn my head to snicker thinking, "pah-leese, it's not a thunderstorm unless the thunder actually KNOCKS pictures off your wall, and having random trampolines and swing sets show up in your yard is just a part of a spring shower!" So...I'm a bit humbled. And while I still consider large tornadoes to be supremely frightening with their unpredictability and 200-300 mph winds, I've learned that hurricanes have some things going for them too. For instance the sheer SIZE of Ike was incredible, and the length of time that the violent winds blew was amazing as well. And honestly, I think I'm good now. I don't need another hurricane experience...
It's been a long week. But we are so lucky to have power. Only 40% of people in the 4th largest city have power. I'm sure the national news is mostly done covering the hurricane, but living here is another story. I am so intrigued by all this hurricane clean up and aftermath. Just the other day I went to pick up some groceries from a nearby store that had reopened. It was 7:20pm, I walked into the store (past the guards they hired to keep the peace) and there were no more shopping carts. I walked back out to get one from the parking lot, and as I approached, 15 ft from the doors, they closed them and said they were done selling groceries for the day. shoot. Also, did you know the roofers begin their day at 5am? Its actually not too difficult to sleep when you get used to the hum of generators and the pop pop of roofing guns...just minor annoyances. The memories I will take from this storm are pretty cool. It was so crazy to drive around that first night after the hurricane and see NO lights...anywhere. weird. And what about the mile long line for the ONE McDonald's drive thru that had reopened...crazy. I am looking forward to the lifted curfew, no more gas lines, working stop lights and just "normalcy" in general...but until then, I have to say, I am impressed with Texas. I don't know how long we will call this state home, but I think I've "bonded" with the idea of being a Texan through this crisis. Lots and lots of good people live here!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Birthday Bash

We always seem to get the ball pit out for birthdays...its a big hit, always!
Party friends
Lily was unhappy with the first candles we tried. They were the sparkle kind...we had to switch before she was willing to blow them out! :)
A little reassurance from brother never hurts.

Happy Girl!

ummm cupcake pops!
This photo was taken right after I asked Zach if he wanted to help me clean up from the party.
The soda pop had little "L" labels to celebrate the birthday girl.
SHE however, was FAR more impressed with the glass bottles, and the fact that she got her OWN!
loved it to the last drop!
Dave and I found this little antique doll cradle on craigslist, our gift to Lily. We fixed and painted it up. So cute how delicate she is with her babies who now sleep in this little bed.

As I got the pictures ready for this post, I couldn't help but go back to last year.
I felt really sentimental as I looked at that chubby little baby face, who was eating her cake for the first time. So much has happened in only one year. I also realized that I have been keeping this blog now for more than a year. It makes me really happy. Lily came into this world just a little thing, weighing only 5.10. And, she has always stayed a little bug, at least physically. But she more than makes up for her small size with her big personality. She is not a shy thing, and can make everyone around her laugh with her antics. I love that whenever we walk into church, she exclaims in her LOUDEST voice, "JESUS!". (I think this is because no matter what door we enter through, there is always a large picture of Christ!) haha. Lily is FAST. There is a paved trail by our home that we walk sometimes at night. One time around the track is 0.64 miles. As hard as it is to believe, Lily ran the ENTIRE track without stopping. I was jogging just to keep up with her. The girl's got energy. I love that when Lily knows shes done something cute she scrunches up her shoulders and face and eyes into a big smile, waiting for the laughs. Lily is kind and she is learning to share. I love my daughter. I love the chance I have to raise a daughter. Boo boos and injustices in the world incite a dramatic response, but then again, it seems that truly thoughtful and tender moments are much more pronounced as well.
Happy Birthday sweet sweet Lily!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My little Lily bee turns 2 on Friday!
**i. love. my. children's. birthdays.**
Think I actually like them more than my own...ohhh the anticipation. I get so excited thinking about THEIR wonder and amazement on this special little day! During nap time today, I did a little trial run on the cupcakes for her party. I've eaten FAR too many. yum.

And, not to bring down the happiness quotient of this particular post, but I honestly wanted to thank you, my friends, for your lovely praise and encouraging words. There have been a few gloomy days overhead lately (don't worry, someday when it sorts itself out a bit...I'll record it), your thoughtful comments and random emails have been a bright spot. truly.