Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin time

It happens each time.
Once the new baby is born, your older baby seems so grown up. So big.
Roman is unassuming and pretty chill with his new responsibilities.
But what my eye kept seeing was how little my boy still is.
Sucking his thumb in a great big pumpkin patch.
My sweet Robino-robotto-robaby.

Ya win some, lose some

(Zach bottom row...middle)
(photo by - washed out scan by me :)

I love Zach's football picture this year!
He struck the perfect balance between tough guy and cutie pie.
This season was rough going at times.
Poppy was born right in the middle of football mania,
and promptness to practices and games was not our forte.
Six people dressed and fed and out the door by 7:30 am did not happen easily (ever).
I especially felt the parental-failure-guilt on his homecoming day.
We were late and missed the parade float down to the field.
We pulled in to the parking lot, Zach jumped out,
Dave scribbled some "Go Sharks" type message on our car windows
while I tried as fast as I could to pen a poster (baby strapped to me)
for hanging on the celebratory fence.
Unfortuanately my shark looked more like an oven mitt,
and the "bite" out of the corner didn't really translate the way I thought it would.
And then.
I walked over to the fence and saw the aaaamazing creations parents had crafted.
Embarassment ensued.
Signs in the shape of helmets-made from wood-
vinyl banners, pictures from childhood...streamers, balloons, and on and on.
I had even forgotten to bring something to hang up the sign with,
so we tucked it (tried to hide it?) along the bottom of the fence.
After the game Zach wanted to find his sign.
He was totally pumped to find it, wanted his photo taken with it.
Then he came home and taped it to his bed.
Shucks. Made me teary.
Somehow he saw past the homeliness of it all and appreciated our efforts.
Bless that boy.
The only thing he asked me was, "Mom, why did you put stairs in the corner of my poster?"

Friday, October 21, 2011

One of my favorite fall rituals...updating the photo wall


Love my babies.
Can hardly believe how quickly they grow!
Also, I have FOUR frames in my hallway.
So much to be grateful for.
In case you want to look back (like I do)

And in hopes to prove to my children that, yes indeed, they thought my jokes were funny at one point in their lives...
(except for one...she's a tough sell!)

Friday, October 14, 2011

1 Month

The newborn stage has a tendency to be a bit hazy.
As in, sleep deprived mental haziness.
I want to remember the things that make all the sleep deprivation WORTH IT!
Her sweet sweet smell. She is so yummy.
Our mommy / baby connection.
She quiets down when she hears my voice.
(or sometimes screams even louder just to ensure that I KNOW SHE IS HUNGRY!)
Secretly, I think that is so so cute.
Seal the deal my little girlie.
I love feeding her.
It takes so much time out of my day.
And that, I think, is precisely why I love it.
I get to slooooooooow down and cuddle up with my baby.
My perfect, 1 month old baby Poppy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If it weren't for my husband, I'd be a Luddite

Fortunately, he keeps me current.
And although I miss the simpleness of my old phone,
I find myself taking a lot more pictures with the new one.
Two cute boys at dinner.
JoAnn dollar crafts on the porch
Zachary was recognized for his good character at school (his certificate said he helped a classmate tie his shoe and then offered to teach him how to tie it himself:) They had all the children in the district who won for the month march out onto the field during a high school football game to be recognized.
First night home from the hospital.
I was feeling totally bummed that I still looked 6 months pregnant.
I came out of the bathroom and said the same thing to David.
He ignored my whining and pulled me close
saying he "loved the ruffle placement" on my new pjs.
He's a keeper.
Look who found her thumb.
Milk Coma.
Two sillies playing with promotional stickers from the mail.
Lovely little face.
Uh...picture of a braid for my sister, but look! I did my hair!
Lily's rainbow unicorn she drew at Five Guys.
She wanted it posted on their board.
Sweet Roman.
He says, "I kiss the baby" and this is what he does...
kisses her head and then presses his cheek to her.
Every time.
Melts my heart.