Friday, September 30, 2011

What I'd like to say

Toting around the family (with a brand new one) encourages lots of comments from onlookers.
Mostly, a lot of commiseration.
We are smack dab in the middle of transitioning, trust me, I feel it.
And yet, there are certain remarks that stick with me.
They are never the commiserating sort.
(the lactation consultant, in the hospital, while the children were loudly visiting my room and eating the complimentary pudding.)
"You have a beautiful family, and are so very blessed."
(the cashier at CVS while Roman and Lily were 15 feet away clutching tightly, and begging for, stuffed hamsters in the shape of bowling balls)
"You have fun with those kids. Enjoy them, have fun!"
I really want to be the kind of lady who remarks on the beauty.
Who sees the joyful possibility.
Because heaven knows the impact these words have had on me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poppy Love

The story of Poppy's birth is different in some small ways than my previous experiences.
But in the most important ways it was exactly the same as each of the others.
There was a lotta love and excitement in that room. The mood was relaxed and peaceful (thank you epidural/anesthesiologist) and I only pushed one time before she made her debut.
(it's obnoxious i know, you can hit me later)
I am grateful for the blessing of healthy babies and big hips. :)
I guess at this point, when I think about the story of Poppy's birth, I'm not thinking as much about time-lines and numbers anymore.
Stepping back a bit from it all I see another story,
about how Poppy has brought so much to our home.
My mom sewed the blue pillow for me.
It was a project I had tucked in the corner of my room for so long.
I am not a seamstress.
And I'm not sure why I always collect projects that require the sewing machine.
Also, my bed is clear.
Clear of laundry that is.
Friday after Poppy was born, I hit a personal slump.
I think the reality of 4 children certainly caught up with me.
(and that is an understatement)
I burst into tears no less than 3 times that day, and my sisters and mom caught wind.
They converged on my home Friday night and brought dinner, folded my mounds of laundry and then took Zach, Lily and Roman for overnights at their homes.
I'll take the opportunity to publicly thank my patient husband who put up
with endless "to-do" lists and never once complained or told me (rightfully so) I was insufferable/pushing it/a slave driver.
These lists were split down the middle.
My side and his side.
Except my side said things like *purchase pacifier *order this/that
...and his side looked more like *build bookshelves *paint and move furniture *make crib skirt (yes, he really did that...he's way better with a sewing machine by the way) *switch light fixtures *clean your nasty garage.
Ahhhhh, I only wish I was kidding.
I can laugh now, it doesn't all seem nearly as important as it did a few weeks ago.
The book ledges are in the boys room.
And below are pictures from the girls room.
A lot of love went into the preparations for Poppy's arrival.
Meals and well-wishes from family and friends have been abundant and so so appreciated.
It is humbling to realize just how essential the kind service of others has been to our family.
And although we have our moments of crazy,
everyone is a bit softer,
the kids beg to hold Poppy all the time,
and we are more interested in making the feeling in our home a little more heaven-like.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poppy Sloan Painter

Born Sunday September 11, 2011
6lbs 4oz
18" long
As sweet as they come.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lily is 5!


Lily's 5th Birthday was celebrated!
It was low key, all things considered, but cupcakes are one detail that is always attended to.
Lily told everyone she wanted Hello Kitty (stuff) and that is surely what she got!
Which reminds me, I would LOVE to find the family picture taken when I was just about her age (ok, maybe older).
My parents actually let me hold up my stuffed Hello Kitty in the family photo!
Not a family snapshot, but a studio portrait. HA!
So I guess I am saying, I understand the obsession.
Miss Lily is 100% awesomeness, and I feel like I have won the lottery having her home with me for another blessed year.
Happy FIVE Lily!