Friday, October 21, 2011

One of my favorite fall rituals...updating the photo wall


Love my babies.
Can hardly believe how quickly they grow!
Also, I have FOUR frames in my hallway.
So much to be grateful for.
In case you want to look back (like I do)

And in hopes to prove to my children that, yes indeed, they thought my jokes were funny at one point in their lives...
(except for one...she's a tough sell!)


Tish said...

I ♥ seeing them grow! What a difference a year makes!

dixonfamily said...

Love this!! How fun to look back and see how much each one has grown. Beautiful kiddos!

Isaura said...

oh my goodness tara you have freaking cute kids!!!! watch out, your little roman looks like he's 'gonna be a heart breaker.

Shannon said...

you have yourselves some beautiful babies!!

Caryn said...

That is such a good ritual to have. I need to get into that habit. Sometime you'll have to let me know what you do with the old replaced photos. They are such beautiful little people!

Erin S said...

Cute, cute! They are getting big, that's for sure!

Christy said...

these turned out so great... i love cute lily's hair. she is looking so grown up!

the laughing pictures are great too. and the last one of little poppy... so cute!

Rachel said...

Ok...Lily's lips are gorgeous! Perfectly shaped, perfectly pink! She is a doll! They all are!

Jill Revell said...

adorable! roman is turning into a little boy! they are all growing up so fast! such cute cute kids!