Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I got nothin'

P.S. if you want to pour a lot of love into a cake for someone special...THIS one will surely do the trick, DELICIOUS! Happy Birthday Kyle!
Honestly, it was one of those weeks. The kind that leaves you exhausted from all the thinking, and from all the feeling. And I'm not talking 'oh that's a bummer' type stuff, more, eternal consequence type stuff. But don't you know it, life keeps on all around you. And I've kept on too. But as I look at the pictures I have taken this week (all for my class) I see that it looks just like any other week. So it's a good reminder for me. That sometimes, when I am out in the world (or out in blog-land) there are surely some people who are only just surviving. Keeping on, if you will. It makes me want to be a little softer, more gentle, and smile a lot more.


Bailey Family said...

Your pictures and your blog makes me smile. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping that you would post some of your homework shots on your blog. Just remember..."It's all about family." That is why we are here...even when it is hard...cling to your family.

Lora said...

I have visually found a place in my house for those flowers they are beautiful. I am wishing you lived closer today, I'd invite you over for tea and apple stuffed popovers. We'd have a long chat. I know you would have great insight or answers for questions I have. You're just like that, full of the right stuff at the right time!

That photo of your little man is perfect I love everything about it. His expression is so cute.

The photos look great I would just love to take a photo class and like you put it "get a little smarter than my camera" as of now my score sits 1 point Lora 1200 points Nikon. arrg, one day!


Isaura said...

just like your beautiful pictures of different perspectives, hopefully the goings on in your life will give you a sound perspective that there are only better things to come. i admire that you can write about the not so perfect things in your life. me, i just avoid journaling/blogging when my world seems chaotic.
i think my fav picture is the birds eye view of your mums..love the yellow and turquoise together.

Janet Johnson said...

What fabulous pictures! I especially love the monkey bars one. Makes me wish I were a kid.

And good reminder. I need that right now.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh loved the pics! Glad your enjoying your class! So exciting and fun! Loved Anna's glamour shot! Keep on keepin on!

Christy said...

first of all, what FAN-freakin-TASTIC photos. i love them all. i want to take a class from YOU.

second, you have me worried tara! eternal consequences sounds like heavy stuff. i do hope things are okay and that all will resolve in time. keeping you cute painters in my prayers...wish i could do more.

kat and jason said...

oh you have a way of making ordinary things amazing. lily's party looked adorable and she looked like the happiest kid on the block. i need some pointers from you. i usually open a betty crocker cake mix and find some left over balloons. hopefully my kids won't end up with complexes:) you rock.

meg said...

I want to eat your cake! Will you send me a slice?

And I'm coveting your cake plate. You can send me that too!

Court and Britt said...

Love your pictures! You are so talented! I sure hope everything is ok, I know those feelings (because I've had them), I think that most of us have felt that way from time to time, we might feel that way for different reasons, but I sure have learned that we each have our challenges and trials. Thanks for sharing and being honest, I've found that sometimes opening up really can make you feel better!
Love ya & miss you!!!

Nicole said...

Love the photos, Tara. What a talent. Speaking of talent, I am very impressed by that cake. You are a woman of all trades! You make everything look so easy!

Tiffany said...

Your pictures are awesome, as usual! What class are you taking? I really don't think you need to take a class with how your pictures always look, but I would be interested in knowing where you're going and if you like it!

Angela Muir said...

i love the yellow flowers in the turquoise planter! so cute! hey i need your email and thanks for all the gray and yellow links!