Monday, March 22, 2010

another year older and wiser too

This is the only birthday I can remember sharing with snow.
Brrrrr. Luckily the forecast is back to springtime.
One of my birthday cards said this is the birthday I'll celebrate for the rest of my life.

(I'm 29) Ha!!
My brother asked me if I felt older.
Then he said, that's a dumb question, huh.
But I made him listen to my answer anyway.
I told him I'd been thinking about how much I learned from birth to 10.
And how much I had changed from 10 to 20.
And now, the last year of my 20s had me thinking about what a difference
there is between age 20 and 29.
There are landmark events like being endowed in the temple, getting married, having children.
They were the catalyst for a lot of growth.
But there are other, perhaps more subtle, metamorphosis that occur.
And in order to really appreciate them, what you need, is time.


Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Cute! Happy Birthdayyy!!!!

Nicole said...

happy birthday!!!

Jill Revell said...

happy birthday!!!! hope you have another great year!

Christy said...

happy birthday tara! that little video made me smile. you share a birthday with my now twelve year old brother. FYI. :)

Nicole said...

Love the video! And happy birthday!!!

Whit said...

Happy birthday! I am so glad you came into this earth! You have made a difference in my life :) Hope it was a wonderful day!

Amy said...

Happy birthday girlfriend! One day we'll talk again! :) I love love your birthday! It is such a happy day being the first day of spring! There are many many memories I have with you on your b-day: Red Lobster and cheesy bread, capris, meeting on University Avenue in a wind tunnel!, BYU cakes x2, just to name a few! Love you!

meg said...

Happy Birthday, friend. I hope you did something nice for yourself! You deserve it!

Erin S said...

Happy Birthday! You are beautiful and your kids are darling!

Caryn said...

Oh I didn't know it was your birthday! It looks like a great one. I will be turning that same age soon -- and I agree....the changes are so subtle, yet grandiose!