Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tis the Season

I had so much fun making this Advent Calendar with Amy. This came from Martha and was improved upon (much, I think) by aliedwards.typepad (all instructions can be found on her blog). We spent almost all last week gathering supplies and creating, during nap times. In fact about halfway through the week I asked myself why I didn't do this kind of thing before...so I thought back to last November. Oh yeah, I had a two month old, 11 piano girls who were getting ready for the Christmas recital, and a sizable (read: ofttimes overwhelming) church calling! :) This got me thinking about the "seasons" of our lives. I feel grateful for the place I am at, as well as the places I have been. I plan to fill the calendar with goodies as well as "holiday experiences". How much fun will it be on December 9th to open a box and make a snowflake with my kiddos?


dixonfamily said...

Okay, so that is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I have been looking for a cute advent calendar, and really haven't found anything I liked much. If you wouldn't be offended about me copying you, I would love to know what you did to make it! You are just so darn awesome! Seriously, that is the coolest thing ever!

Bailey Family said...

Well, I am jealous! I want to make one too! I have been looking for an Advent calendar since I came back from Germany where each person in the family gets on. Tooooo cute! I am going to copy it, maybe not this holiday season but...at some time in my life.
Love ya!

Bailey Family said...

Do you think when people ready my comments, that they think my name is Frau?? That would be pretty funny!

The Rylanders said...

Oh my gosh! That is amazing! You are just so talented, I am totally jealous. And I will also be copying this...Of course mine will probably not be quite as cute as yours!

Missy said...

You are officially my role model. What did you put the boxes onto? Is that a corkboard or how did you get the boxes to stay on there?

thepainterfamily said...

i really hope you ALL make one! it was so fun! towards the end of the project when I was framing it...I got cheap because it all turned out to cost a little more than I was anticipating....so the frame is from goodwill outlet (did you know they had such a thing?) 4 bucks...and I spray painted the cardboard backing black. Actually Missy, I really like the idea of a corkboard ...smart! I adhered the boxes with Mod Podge, just painted the whole backing with it and stuck the boxes on! (also on the ali edwards blog she has a link to give ideas for fun "experiences" to fill the boxes with!) have fun!

it is not concidered copying because I copied ali edwards, who copied martha stewart...etc...we are all just "inspired" right? he!

kat and jason said...

ok==i did check it out on the martha site--and it was adorable. did i email that to you already? yours is stinking aweseome. i will copy it! after i'm settled into a place though-i can't buy any more large things to move. (except special purchases at the pottery barn outlet-b/c i will always find room for them!!!!!) where did you find the little boxes? hobby lobby or somewhere like that probably--and did you spray paint them>? ps--i finished the tutus!!

Amanda @ Frills and Frolic said...

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your advent calendar! I like how you took inspiration from Martha & Ali Edwards and combined different elements to make yours. I like the framed concept ALOT.

I posted a bit about your advent calendar & the adventure that it took me to find it again!



Gexton said...

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