Friday, September 21, 2007

A Big Boy Bike

Doesn't this smile say it all?! Zach is thrilled with his new bike and lately it's ALL he wants to do! He spends time everyday "checking it out" He looks at all the gears and wires like he is trying to grasp how it all works! (mini dave!)
I actually thought we could wait a few days on a know, at least until the weekend so I could shop for one...I guess not!!! Seriously...he's 2 1/2...where does he GET THIS!? (on second thought...maybe its his crazy cliff jumping father!) I love my boys!
ps...dave brought this bike home as a surprise for zach (surprise mom too!) I actually wish I had photos of his face when he saw it! It is made for children age 4-8 but dave assured me that "zach can handle it". An afternoon of fabrication later (making seat lower than it is made to go)... zach can reach the pedals! Goodbye red trike...hello training wheels!


Bailey Family said...

Ahhhhhh!!! He looks so big! I cannot believe that he is riding a big boy bike! Now you are not going to be able to keep up with him. It is all over now--next a mountain bike, then a motorized scooter, an ATV, and before you know it he will be driving away in your car! That is so exciting and scary. Love ya!

Court and Britt said...

Wow, what a little dare devil!! My girls would never do anything like that, I think that having a boy is going to be a whole new experience for me!! That is awesome that he can ride a bike at only 2 1/2!!

kat and jason said...

ash got excited when she saw zach. we got her a bike like that a while ago--but she could never ride it. so, then we reverted and got her a tricycle. she (as of a couple months ago) finally figured out how to pedal. go zach!! i can't believe he is that coordinated.

Hansen Family said...

He looks so incredibly happy. It's hilarious!