Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lily turns 8

My lovely little Lily turned 8.  She invited everyone she knew to attend her baptism.  Family, teachers, coaches, neighbors and friends all received an invitation to join her on this most special day.  It turns out that she was baptized on her actual birthday.  Afterwards, in the church parking lot, her grandparents and aunts surprised Lily with an electric scooter.  It was a gift she had really been hoping for, and I think I will forever have in my memory the picture of Lily zooming around and around, her beautiful white dress whipping in the wind as she circled with giggles and glee.  It was just so perfectly Lily.  She is beautiful and feminine in every way, and so full of energy and adventure that the fancy dress and fast scooter combination really are the embodiment of her true self.

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Erin S said...

She's turning into such a beautiful young lady!