Wednesday, August 14, 2013

These two...

They don't like each other much...can you tell?  Kidding.  
Best buds these guys.
It's so much easier to send them off into the world
(or maybe just elementary school)
knowing that they have each other. 
And so we begin another year.
3rd grade for Zachary and 1st grade for Lily.
They were soooo excited to start school.
And luckily they both came home saying that it was probably going to be their best year!

They were standing as still as possible because they really wanted me to get a picture of their bus driving away in the background (see it?)  
They thought it was hilarious that they were missing the bus.
Eh, car riders the first day it is!
Moms gotta get those photographs.
I love these crazies.


Bailey Family said...

Missed the bus! Love it. Love their outfits. Love their smiles! I can feel their love, friendship and protection.

dixonfamily said...

They are the cutest!! My kids still talk about playing with them for a day in December. Such sweet, fun kiddos!! I hope they have a great year!

Christy said...

they are so darling. and always have the cutest outfits, i must say.