Saturday, March 31, 2012

a few of my favorite things (this week anyway)

Roman is diaper free! Go Roman!
Truly reason to celebrate.
Also worthy of celebration -
Get it Done group was at my home this week!
It's a group of 8 friends, and we take turns at each home completing projects, cleaning, and just about anything else you can think of. Whatever is needed.
We've painted rooms, refinished furniture, sewn pillows, curtains, and bags.
Cleaning, organizing, creating, we do it all.
Childcare takes 2 of us (and we rotate) because there are 12 kiddos between us.
(ha! and those are just the children that are not in school or preschool)
I really love working beside these ladies.
It is always a highlight of my week.
Spring Cleaning was on the agenda at my home.
And may I say...there are days when I complete projects on this list.
But never, never is it possible to do ALL of these things in one day.
We did the following: clean oven (3 years of grime were scrubbed away!), wash couch upholstery, dust and wet wash all mini blinds and window tracks, detail car, paint touch up around house, clean inside track of dishwasher, iron and put on boys duvet covers, prepare pots on deck to be planted, sweep deck and bleach patio table, clean out, refill and organize Sunday backpack (kids activity backpack we take to church), organize kids clothes in tubs (HUGE!), make new batch of laundry soap, dust house, clean bathrooms, fold laundry, hang wreath on door)
And, it was all completed by noon.
And finally.
I am refreshed, lifted, renewed, inspired, humbled,
encouraged, comforted and have been taught well this weekend.
Sounds good right?
If pressed, I could still never choose a favorite message.
But one I have already listened to twice:


Whit said...

That is the coolest "group" I've ever heard of! I hope we move into your ward when we move back. What a dreamboat that would be. And that talk was one of my favorites too. Although, he does have a way with "getting me" everytime.

Tish said...

wow! What an awesome idea! Man! I wish I had friends who would do that lol...I'm the only clean freak out of the pack.

A said...

Yay for Roman! Hopefully my Emma isn't to far behind (I am kinda waiting on a new house...) and WOW! that cleaning group is great idea!

Jill Revell said...

That is the coolest thing I've heard of! I want to start a group right away!

Great job Roman! Can't believe how big he is getting! He is such a handsome little guy!

dixonfamily said...

Way to go Roman!! Not a whole lot can beat potty training success!!

What a wonderful group to be a part of! I am a smidge jealous. Would you mind bringing yourself and your friends to my house that needs cleaned and unpacked before baby comes?! That would be grand!
I love that you all work together to help each other make your homes what you want them to be. Sounds like a fabulous bunch of ladies!

Bailey Family said...

The group is the best! I am glad that you are a part of it. Those ladies did get a lot done at your house! You are probably still sorting out the toys in the basement that the 12 children were playing with...but we had fun!
Yeah Roman!
Loved the Holland talk also! Need to listen to it again soon.

Christy said...

yay roman! it is such a relief when pottytraining is over. :)

your little group sounds amazing! a genius idea. right now my get it done group consists of tom and me on one of his days off... and he pretty much does everything while i hold an oliver. this sounds a lot more productive! (and i'm sure tom wouldn't mind a bit. ;))

Isaura said...

I've heard of people doing this. I'm amazed with the follow through. Great idea and even more awesome hook-up!