Wednesday, December 21, 2011

so well loved

A sister makes life infinitely more interesting.
Toys thoughtfully displayed around each blanket, carrier, swing and chair.
A song in the morning,
and a parade of ponies in the afternoon.


Lou Lou said...

Oh how sweet. I bet Lily is in love with her little sis. As usual, you do the best posts on your blog!

Jamie and Kiley said...

She is such a cute baby and is so lucky to have such a great big sister!

Janet Johnson said...

What a lucky little sister. :)

Tish said...

I love Poppy!!!!

Christy said...

so sweet. these big sisters are really the best!!

Erin S said...

Your cute girls make me more excited to have one!

dixonfamily said...

What adorable pictures!! How fun for them to have each other! Poppy is just so beautiful-I really just want to squeeze her.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Bailey Family said...

Love a pony parade on a cold winters day.

Sisters are the best...they are going to be great friends!