Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fantastic Indeed

After Thanksgiving, we headed down south to watch Kyle play basketball.
(Tis the season!! YAY Basketball!! YAY Kyle!!)
We totally stopped by Fantastic Caverns.
"America's Only Drive Thru Cave!"
I love the picture they take when you enter.
Roman is covering his head with his hood, he was a little nervous the whole time,
and my brother Kevin's face is awesome.
Leave it to him.


Unknown said...

those caverns look so cool, what a fun trip

Lora said...

what a fun trip! And where is that? I've just decided that I really want to come out and see you!

Janet Johnson said...

Drive-thru caverns!? How awesome is that? And wow. Beautiful. Nature just puts me in awe.

Team Lawter said...

Z's face KILLS me...I literaly LOL'd. I hope I get to see ya over Christmas break! I can't believe how your family has grown overnight. Love it! And strangers are lame. Please don't stop having kids! They are too cute! (haha)

Christy said...

it looks so fun! what a great idea to make it drive-thru. ingenious, i say!