Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Summer Afternoon

There were a few magical hours in between our busy morning and our hectic evening.
Everyone was home together and content.
Roman demolished a bowl of grapes.
David played Monopoly with the kids.
I made (and photographed) peach jam.
It sounds so simple, but afternoons like this are hard to come by lately.
And they feel so so great.


Erin S said...

Nothing better than a calm, summer afternoon with the hubby and kids! And peach jam! Hope you are doing well. When are you due?

Isaura said...

such sweet pictures tara. i love days like those. i have an obsession of taking pictures of the food stuff i make. your peach jam looks lovely. i bet it tastes just as good, the color is so pretty too.

Bailey Family said...

Staying cool and staying home. Great way to spend a hot summer day.
I know your jam is yum!

Knowles Family said...

I haven't been into the blogging world much lately( since my last post in November of last year), but I just spent the last twenty-five minutes reading through all of your posts that I've missed. You literally brought me to tears more than once! You have such a gift with words, and your perspective on motherhood and life were such a great reminder to me of how blessed I am! It was much needed and greatly appreciated!
Congratulations on little baby girl! She is coming to a wonderful family!

Missy said...

Oh they really are the best. Everything about this screams summer to me. The light pouring in, grapes right out of the colander, board games...I LOVE it all and never want it to end.

The peach jam. Tara, you are on top of it all. How do you make it? And can I plead for a pregnancy photo of you?

Christy said...

it looks heavenly. nothing better then lazy family time. the peach jam looks so yummy. good luck with your last month or so of pregnancy! eek!

Lora said...

Those are the photos that will be so priceless to have! I love them. Homemade peach jam, I have never tried -sounds delish!!

I it's feeling like a time bomb now at your house! I can't WAIT to see the new little one!! Will you send me your address in an email again? I have something for your new little one! =)