Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear David,


July 5th is our day.
The anniversary of the day we met in 1997.
The anniversary of the day we married in 2002.
14 years to be in love.
9 of them married.
This year to celebrate, we, um...kind of didn't.
You helped some people move last minute, and I was feeling sick.
You brought me a mango smoothie and said, "we'll make it up tomorrow."
And then life kept going, really fast...and each day that passed
More than once we've laughed about how un-celebratory we've been.
We say things like, "next year - for our 10 year/15 year - it's going to be big, we'll do it right!"
Or if we have a little time alone together, we smile knowingly and say,
"this is for our anniversary." :)
Life isn't easy.
Sometimes it's downright brutal.
But there is one thing, that even a midst trials I've never taken for granted.
That is, that our relationship is easy.
Meaning drama-free and love-full.
I say that with eyes wide open,
and a personal belief that it's not necessarily something we can take 100% credit for.
And so I see you as my perfect-for-me love,
the person I'd want with me on a deserted island,
and any other cliche-ish thing you want to add in here.
But mostly, I see you as a blessing.
Loving you, and feeling your love for me has always been,
a gift from above.


Tish said...


and now i'm crying. those pics of you guys as kids warms my heart. i still don't know the story of y'all met. Post to come? : )

Christy said...

this might be my favorite tara painter post ever. (which is really saying something.)

the pictures make me happy-- you guys are so cute-- and everything you said is so true. i am also grateful that tom and i have a pretty "easy" relationship as these things go. marriage hasn't been much of an adjustment for me (kids is another story entirely :)), and for that i am grateful. you two are such a great couple!

Holbrook's said...

This just makes me smile and warms my heart...

Lori Garcia said...

You guys are too adorable. Love it!

Bailey Family said...

Can it really be 14 years? You have almost known each other longer than you haven't...does that make sense? In a few years you will lived more years having known each other than years without...I give up!

Super sweet. Maybe you should start planning NOW for the 10 year!

Lauri said...

cutest pictures EVER! you guys are soooooo young! love it.

Isaura said...

soooo sweet. your children look so much like you guys. hope you had a special anniversary ♥

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