Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conference Weekend

(doing daddy's hair)
(dear lily, it's not a coincidence that Elder Quentin L. Cook was the speaker when this picture was taken,
he delivered a beautiful message about women)
(practice a little casting)
(Roman enjoying his crumb cake Sunday morning)
(this was a Family Home Evening activity from last Monday...
we read stories about the leaders of our church, and took turns drawing pictures to remind us of the stories.
They used these papers during conference to help identify the speakers :)

Conference Weekend is always a favorite.
We listen to inspired messages on both Saturday and Sunday.
We spend the days together. Eat yummy food.
I feel the Holy Spirit so strongly in our home during this time.
There is no where else I'd rather be.
It's really such a good good feeling.
There were so many wonderful talks, but one really stands out to me.
Earlier in the week, I listened to an interview with Elder Scott and his daughter.
It was an amazing interview and they covered his fascinating life from boyhood on.
But there was one part that was so very interesting to me.
He addressed a question about why he has chosen not to remarry after his wife's passing.
His answer was touching, and very personal.
(skip to minute 20 in the interview if you want to hear that part)
It made such an impact on me.
So Sunday morning, I was excited to listen to Elder Scott's address.
Wow, wow, wow.
It did not disappoint.
He talked about pure love, and the joy of eternal families.
Again, he shared very personal experiences.
He spoke of his sweet wife, and a son who died as a young child.
Really, there were so many messages embedded in his talk.
But personally, I left with an overwhelming gratitude for the knowledge
that because of a loving Father in Heaven and His divine plan,
my marriage and my family are eternal.
Although I am far from achieving the kind of love and joy
Elder Scott spoke about, it certainly increased my desire to nurture
those relationships...
and helped me realize that if I spend every last minute of my life trying...
it will be worth it.


Missy said...

I loved Elder Scott's talk the most too. (Although I wasn't able to listen to Saturday so I will need to listen to Elder Cook too). I found myself with tears in my eyes as he spoke and just how genuine and unrehearsed his talk went.

I will go listen to the interview right now.

Jill Revell said...

Conference was amazing! goodness...Lily is growing up and becoming more and more beautiful! Kyle can't wait to practice casting with Brock.

Tish said...

You know you're never supposed to call mere mortals 'perfect' but ya'll come pretty darn close. Why? Because you strive to be good human beings, you're wonderful to each other and lovely to your children, you're unabashedly spiritual, intelligent and sweet people.

I very much enjoy your guys' blog. :)

Lora said...

Well said Tara!

I was hard to take it all in I can't wait to re-read it all! I can't wait to go hear the interview-thanks for sharing!!

I just admire and really love hearing about your little family-so thanks!

Shannon said...

I had to laugh when I saw Lily doing David hair. Takes me back to those days of us girls fixing grandpa's hair. Congrats on the new little bundle of joy. Cant wait to meet him or her.

Isaura said...

such great photos of your family life. those are my favorite kind of pictures. i loooved elder cooks talk also. it was beautiful.
and i love your message board. i've seen it before on your blog. did you make it? love it. how many times can i say love ;)