Monday, June 9, 2008

The List

A boy and his CARS
The girlie

I can count on my husband. Which is why Friday, after finding out (last minute) that I was to bring salad to a dinner, I called him for help. I gave him a simple list:

Romaine Lettuce
Caesar Dressing (a nice kind)
Parmesan cheese
I chuckled (but was not surprised) when I got the first phone call.

"Babe, there is NO Caesar, I only see 2 kinds and one says free and the other says lite!"

This is actually an improvement on previous grocery runs because Dave is notorious for bringing home "Fat Free ranch flavored sour cream", because by golly as long as he sees the words SOUR CREAM, it must be sour cream right? I instructed him to just move down the isle a bit, and he would find some more. A few minutes later the phone rings again.

(incredulous): "Seriously they HIDE the Parmesan cheese! I had to dig for it! One is a store brand and the other says "artisan" there a difference?"

Meanwhile, in the background I could hear Zach saying, "But dad, I want the Mr. Incredible cheeeeese!" It was then that I understood he was getting the FULL grocery shopping experience! What a man right!?

After I hung up the phone, I remembered back to the ULTIMATE list I ever gave my sweet, sweet husband. We had just come home from the hospital with our first newborn. We had EVERYTHING we could possibly need for the baby, only to find out there was A LOT of stuff that I needed...the hospital had provided a nice list of things that might help the recovery process. I would take all the help I could get. Wanting to make his new little family as comfortable as possible, Dave volunteered to make a run to the store. The list went something like this:

extra strength Tylenol
Tucks pads
underwear (cheap package kind)
stool softener
maxi pads
Lanolin nursing cream
Nursing pads

I will NEVER forget his face as he read through the list and walked out the door. Poor guy. The phone rang. Except this time I could barely hear him.

(whispering) "The sizes are different. Do you think you're a size 5-6-7-8-9 or 10?"

(me) "Honey, I can hardly hear you, what did you say?"

(tense) "Listen, I am kneeling down in the WOMENS UNDERWEAR isle, WHAT SIZE ARE YOU!?"

After some descriptions (like that a size 10 was a 47" hip) I was thoroughly confused and just said, "you're just going to have to open up a package and pick the size you think will fit me."


All funny stuff, but the best part of the story was when he finally made it to the check out line, the checker eyed his purchases with a smile. She picked up the package of underwear and said sarcastically,

"Sir, do you know this package has been opened? Did you try them on?"

Forget about flowers and expensive presents, THIS is the story I recall to remind myself just how much my husband loves me!

please notice the dressing.
NOT one of the brands I had suggested on "the list" but Dave thought it would qualify as "nice" because (his words) "it has a FOIL top!"

Love my man!


Lisa said...

Love this post! I can so relate to sending the husband shopping. Keep the phone handy! I remember hearing your after baby shopping trip you sent him on. Priceless. I must say the dressing does look "nice".

Missy said...

This is the best post Tara! Gosh, I love your blog. And the stories of sending your husband shopping made me smile...did he end up choosing the right size undies that time? ;)

Girards is the BEST Caesar, I've got to say. So yums. Glad it all worked out.

Kristen M said... am peeing my pants laughing right now. HILARIOUS. I can just picture it all. Hope you're enjoying Texas! We miss you up here in cold rainy land.

*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

Too funny!Where did the pineapple come from on the list??That's funny, pineapple ha sounded so good to us lately we've had it the last few days.Your kids look so grown up, geez.Lily looks like a completely different woman!Hey could you send a little bit of that heat this way, we just can't seem to make it over 68 degrees up here grrr!

Stacy F said...

Oh Tara, you just made me pee my pants!! EVERY TIME Lars goes to the store I keep the phone right by me. He calls at least once each time, and usually there are several calls!!

Zach 'n' Jack said...

lol this is the best post EVER!!! I've sent Zach and Keegan on some errands for me before and it always comes complete with phone call and craziness! So glad we have hubbies who can put a smile on our faces!! :-)

Court and Britt said...

That is too funny!! I'll never forget the first time Court had to buy some "girl items" for me at the store, I wasn't sure he was going to make it back in one peice it was so embarrassing for him.

I'm glad your salad turned out yummie!! Hey the foil on top of the dressing would make me think it was fancy!!

Blake and Yanery said...

Hey! Your really coming to Denver? That is great! We would love to see you. We are def going to have to meet up. Can't wait!

Nicole said...

oh i love it! matthew can't fully handle a grocery store list... much less with a kid with him. that was so funny!!! :)

but i REALLY loved the list for after having a baby. seriously, did he get the right size undies? i bet he wasn't going to return them if they didn't fit :) so funny.

kat and jason said...

oh my gosh...i am laughing my head off right now. jason would have been the same way...that is so stinkin funny. and totally need to take a photo class b/c you are so good at it already. what camera do you have now. that would be so much fun. you rock!!

Erin S said...

LOL!! I love that story, what an awesome husband Dave is to go shopping for you! I think I would have smacked the check out clerk if I was Dave! Dallas had to do some girlie shopping for me last summer when I was on bed rest and he did not enjoy it at all! And now I am craving a Caesar salad.....

Anonymous said...

What a great husband you have! that was soooooo cute. By the way, I was totally thinking the same thing someone else commented on, you are so good at photography, I LOVE your pictures!