Monday, July 7, 2014

Lily's Missouri State Meet March 2014

Oh man, seeing these photographs again makes me tear up all over.  Lily had a great time at her first state meet.  She was so excited to travel to St. Louis (stay in a hotel!) and compete with all the other 7 year old level 3s in the state.  She was beautiful and so artistic to watch.  You can actually see me in the background of a couple of the beam photos, I was taking video, and loving every second.  I thought she did so great.  She ended up placing 4th in beam and 5th in vault and I think 10th overall.  It's amazing to me for a couple reasons.  There were 70 some girls (all 7 year old level 3!), competition was tough.  Also, Lily was only able to compete in 3 of her 6 meets this year due to them being scheduled on Sunday.  She had half the experience of most girls there, but was still able to do well.  
At the end of the season banquet, Lily was awarded "hardest worker" for her level.  They give 2 awards each year, so it was quite the honor to be selected.  Her coach mentioned the fact that even on weeks when Lily knew she wasn't going to be able to compete in the upcoming meet, she was still in the gym, giving it her all.  I told Lily that honestly, that was the best kind of achievement for this season.  I was most proud of that distinction over any other 1st place medals from this year.

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Tish said...

How did you produce such lovely little humans? I need the secret...we shall text. lol