Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Morning

This year, I walked around all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with a heart full of gratitude.
For my Savior Jesus Christ,
For my testimony of His love for us and His great plan,
For my eternal companion, whom I love AND really like,
For my adorable children and this particular season of life,
For our health and our home and many many more blessings.
I kept thinking about how swiftly my lot in life could change,
but that what I treasure most about my life... (my family)...
is a blessing and gift that I can keep forever.
I can't fathom anything more precious than that knowledge.


Christy said...

so wonderful! thank you for sharing. i'm so glad you still blog.

Bailey Family said...

So much to be grateful for! Kids seem to make the spirit of Christmas come alive. I had a few little tears this year as I was wrapping presents. I was grateful that I have two children to wrap presents for. So grateful for my miracles!