Sunday, December 29, 2013

Advent Upgrade

This year, in addition to a small treat in our advent calendar, each day held a slip of paper with a suggestion for a small act of service.  They were things that the kids could really do on their own for the most part.  I loved hearing about their experiences each day.  We strung popcorn and cranberries for the birds,  delivered goodies to our neighbors and left quarters and notes on vending machines, in hopes of brightening the day of our fellow man.  One day we left a note and some Carmex for our mail carrier.  (I tried to think of a universal gift seeing as we have a different mail carrier almost daily)  The next day, she rang our doorbell to deliver a package and told me she really enjoyed the kids notes and that she was wearing the Carmex! :)  It was such a tiny thing, but these opportunities really added a special feeling to our month. We all agreed that we definitely want to do this again!

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Bailey Family said...

Love your upgrade of the Advent tradition. I plan to do something similar next year...
Teaching kids to serve is so important!