Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Cuties

Ohhhhh these girls....the siren call of matchy-matchy is soooooooo hard to resist.
Trust me, I did NOT think that this was my "thing".
And yet, here we are.

Alternate titles for this post as follows:
"Hurry before they stain them with candy canes again"
"The full range of Poppy"
"Lily smiled like a champ through 54 photographs"
"Up next...Easter Dresses!!!"


Christy said...

LOVE these tara! i too thought i'd never be a matchy matchy person but it is so fun to dress two little boys alike. :) how do i get one of these dresses made in my size?

Bailey Family said...

Those girls are lucky sisters! Beautiful dresses. Lily looks so proud holding Violet. Poppy is showing everyone that she is two! Love this.

Tish said...

I love that siren that whispered to you... They look so sweet and wonderful. Merry Christmas y'all! Xoxo

Tish said...

Who whispered... ;)

Lora said...

Oh they are so sweet!! I would definitely be prone to the matching ills if I had those lovely ladies prancing around my house!! Lily had changed in looks so much lately! What a bunch of beauties!