Sunday, November 3, 2013

reviving the photo wall in our new home

After a 2012 lapse (just barely surviving morning sickness), we are back in photo wall business.  I'm so excited to have these hanging in my hallway again.  I love these sweet smiling faces so much it physically hurts.  Ugh.  In the best way possible of course.
#1 - Why does Zachary (who is only 8!!) look like he's about to drive off in the family car in this photograph.? I very literally had tears spring to my eyes when I loaded his photograph.  My sweet firstborn is looking so. grown. up.  I can't.
#2 - My beautiful Lily.  In her October journal at school she answered the question, "When I grow up I want to be..."  by saying: "a good mom, a jimnist, and a balurena".  Love.  I think she will too.  Also, "A person I admire" was answered with:  "my sister". 
#3 - Robino is looking so big too!  He still has the most adorable smile I could imagine.  It's impossible to think about him heading off to kindergarten next year.  And finally, we did it.  Roman is getting "a team" next month and he couldn't be more excited about it.  Bitty Basketball here he comes :)
#4 - Oh Poppy.  One of the sisterbabies.  I love her so.  She is talking all day long, and constantly surprising me with her adorable phrases that reveal her awesome imagination.  "Oh no, the dinosaurs are coming!  It's ok!  I ride them!"  (said in her indecipherable 2 year old voice)
#5 - And seriously.  Violet is killing it with her bald head, chubby cheeks and gummy smile.  She is so in love with me it is unreal.  (All I had to do was put the camera down and say "Violet, I love you!" and this is what I got!)  Follows my every single move, and cries until we are reunited.  I have never had a baby so young be so attached.  I won't lie...I love it.

For History's Sake:


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Beautiful children! I wish I could meet them in person.

I love to see how your children are a mix of you and Dave--and how they each are while still being so unique. Lovely.

Tish said...

Boy was it fun going back to your past year photo posts! Have you seen the video of the little baby boy who cries because he's moved when his mama sings? It's so precious. Reminds me of your relationship with Violet.

Shannon said...

Love this! Your kiddos are adorable! Miss Sarah is right...such a wonderful mix of you and Dave. Love you all!

Christy said...

love them all! zach really does look practically adolescent. what the heck. your kids couldn't be any cuter!

Janet Johnson said...

You have such a beautiful family, and you are SO GOOD at photography. :)