Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday

Oh we've had such gorgeous weather, and Easter Sunday was no exception.
There was a little egg hunt of course for the busy busy children.
Thank goodness Roman and Marquise got a head start.

Cherry-Almond cupcakes were baked up to celebrate Roman's 3rd birthday.
He also opened a few gifts.
He's serious about his sports in case you couldn't determine from the photos.
Watch out.
I luuuuuuv that little guy!
Also, I have to include a phone-video from the day.
Because you know I will do whatever it takes to hear this sweet little laugh.


Tish said...

Oh my gosh Tara my heart just exploded and out popped baby unicorns! Her laugh is so frickin adorable! I love when babies crack up like that! I love videos! More! More!

Bailey Family said...

Super cute!
Glad you all had such a great Easter.
Love this weather.
Love that Baby!

Jill Revell said...

can't believe baby roman isn't a baby anymore! happy birthday little guy!

i love Easter, isnt it the best!

Court and Britt said...

oh my goodness that laugh is soooo cute!! your kids look darling as usual :)

Lou Lou said...

So cute!! Made me laugh too! Love your kiddos!

Christy said...

oh my word, that video is adorable. seriously made me so happy! baby laughs are the best. and those buckets-- i'm still a fan. :)

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Hey cute Painter family! Where abouts in Missouri do you live? We are going to be headed out that way in June (my brother lives in Chillicothe) and would love to stop by and visit if you aren't too far off the beaten path! Let us know!
--Sean and Janet

Isaura said...

I had a birthday in March too!
Your children are beautiful.
I love that little green polka-dot dress. Do they make that in my size? ;)