Friday, January 13, 2012

after breakfast, but still in pjs, is my favorite time of day.

When David came home early from work, we scrolled through these pictures on my camera.
Speaking of the kids, I said, "They're like little jewels. We are so rich."
He said, "What more do we need?"
And we sat on the couch with star struck eyes, and goofy smiles looking at their perfect faces.
Also, at the time, they were all asleep.
Which made that moment, and those feelings, possible.
Oh parenthood.


Janet Johnson said...

LOL about the sleep thing. So true! And what cuties you have. You can just look on their faces and tell how happy they are. What lucky kids to have parents like you two!

Anonymous said...

The last picture is precious. Being a parent definitely makes you feel blessed.

Christy said...

oh my, these are so sweet! i also laughed about the sleep thing. true, true. :D those kids are so lucky to have you and to have each other!

ps- i am quite impressed with poppy's tummy time skills. she needs to give oliver some lessons. he hates it lots.

SDLollypoppers said...

Oh, Tara. I love looking at your beautiful family pictures. Your home just looks absolutely wonderful and beautiful. I hope to be the decorater you are! Miss you!

Whit said...

That is BY FAR the best time of day...especially with babies. I love it :)

Tish said...

That picture of them reading really melted my heart. Future book worms of the future!!!

SHEDOES said...

What beautiful children! ( love the rug too, wink wink )

Jill Revell said...

that's my favorite time of the day too! darling pics!

Erin S said...

A thumb sucker!! Love it. Carter was too. It's so cute.

Court and Britt said...

sooooo cute!! I love the one of the three of them reading on the rug (cute rug too btw)

Missy said...

And well, now I want another baby tomorrow.