Tuesday, January 24, 2012

little baby in a mint green bumbo.

That's actually the first line of a song I find myself singing all day long.
"Little baby in a mint green bumbooooooo"
I can't help myself.
I know that bumbo days are short lived.
Very short lived.
Sing about them while you can, I say.


Missy said...

These photos are priceless. You are doing it right Tara. I hope you know that.

The sisters shot is my absolute favorite. I think I would print that and frame it and then make sure it gets tucked away with them when they go to college too.

(Also, I recognize those paper stapled books Zac is reading..Avery brings them home too:)

Jamie and Kiley said...

She is the cutest thing ever!

Lora said...

she is so darling! It's incredible how fast they grow!!

dixonfamily said...

She is growing so quickly!! Such lovely pictures of your sweet kiddos.

Gotta love the bumbo. Too bad that Maddox and our next little boy get to use a bubblegum pink one. I love the gender neutral green!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos with all the kids. Priceless. Poppy is getting so big so fast! Nora re-discovered her bumbo this summer - and she still fit in it! A new toy. :)

Court and Britt said...

she is soooo cute! can't wait to meet her when we come visit kc this summer!!

Christy said...

what a cutie patootie! tara, you have such a gift-- you just capture those perfect moments so well!

we don't have a bumbo but i've wondered about getting one. they look handy!

Caryn said...

I didn't think this was possible - but she keeps getting cuter and cuter. I love the bumbo days. They are so happy!

scfinder said...

Cute little baby with a beautiful smile. SpeedyCourse would like to help you on your plans for the future of your children, offering seminars and trainings for you and your family.

SDLollypoppers said...

I love the bumbo! I have the mint green bumbo, too and Marli (4 yrs) still insists on being silly and sits in it on occasion just to be funny. I'm amazed she still fits in it!! ha ha ha!