Monday, August 29, 2011

Zachary Cannon - 1st Grade


Zachary started school on August 17th.
He was ready and so dang excited to get there.
We had our back to school dinner - he selected the same menu as last year :)
Then all the children got father's blessings...and they begged me to get one too!
I was glad I did.
Zach is loving Mrs. Pickett's first grade class.
He has homework every night...and weekly spelling tests too!
But all he could talk about this morning was the class pet (a chinchilla),
that was going to be making it's debut today.
I am so happy for him.
So relieved that he loves his teacher and everything about school.
But I miss him, and miss the lazy summer days.
Football is back again.
And this time around he has bigger cleats,
a mouthguard that cracks me up
(because it is molded to his missing two front bottom teeth),
is on the Orange Sharks team,
and is really loving pushing kids to the ground this year.
I say this a lot, but I will say it again...
Zach is a good and smart little boy.
He is an absolute blessing and truly easy to love to pieces.
Sometimes though, I realize he is growing up, transitioning from little boy.
Zachary had his first bike wreck last week, and split his chin open.
(if only there was a video of my 9-month pregnant self sprinting down the cul-de-sac)
I was doing the mom thing and trying my hardest to come up with a clever
way to prevent his football chin strap from reopening his wound.
But after I told him about my bandaid/cottonball contraption,
he politely told me that it would embarrass him, and he was fine without.
Oh boy, sometimes, you just have to learn to step back.
I am trying to learn to step back.
Just a little.

(Zachary - this past weekend - at his first Chiefs game with his dad!!)


Janet Johnson said...

I can't believe Zach is so grown up! It's really amazing to see these kids grow up to become the little independent people they were meant to be. *sigh* But it's still hard to let go, isn't it?

Missy said...

Don't step back too far. I think they secretly love it too...maybe they don't realize that though until they are older.

I love you Tara and am going to check daily until you get a photo up of you at 9 months!

Jamiee Shores said...

Love the pics! It's so hard to believe that they are in first grade now... :( I was just looking at video's of Abbi when she was a newborn and felt like it was just yesterday. Gotta enjoy every minute with them, they grow far too fast.

Tish said...

I ♥ his green chucks! Cool dude!
♥ & kiwi approves!!!

Jill Revell said...

he is growing up so fast! such a stud!