Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zachary is 6!

Zachary's 6th birthday bash was a Lego party.
Very fitting for the boy who wakes up 1.5 hours before school in order to play with Legos.
We had fun gathering ideas for the party. (so much inspiration here)
Zach was able to help assemble the invitations, and deliver them.
More than once I overheard him tell the invitee to please share the jellybeans with their siblings.
He's always been a thoughtful kid.
At the party, we played a Lego-drop game, and pin-the-lego game.
But the big hit was a homemade Lego piñata that David created.
It was a pull-string piñata he rigged up out of a cardboard box, swimming noodle and spray paint.
And it certainly was my favorite part.
Worked like a CHARM, and the kids giggled with anticipation at each string pulled.
We sang and ate cake, opened presents and admired Zachary's new toys.
Although our little home was stuffed to the brim with party people,
I'd say it was a success.
Happy, Happy Birthday to Zachary!


Lora said...

Oh my Tara- Your son is 6!!

What an adorable party! I love the invitations what darling ideas!

I love Zachs face! could he smile any bigger-what a sweet heart!

Christy said...

what a FUN party! i really like the invites-- great idea. zach looks so happy-- your kids are always going to have such fond memories of their birthdays. i love it!

Janet Johnson said...

What a fun party! Sounds like London and Zach are two peas in a pod. Oye with the getting up early!

Nicole said...

Really, could be a party planner!

I remember when that guy was just a little peanut. How does time go so quickly?

kat and jason said...

tara! you are so creative! bdays' just stress me out cause i don't have good ideas....and you will be here soon!!! i can't wait!!!

Jenny said...

Your party is super cute! You have a way of making birthdays and even everyday events special!
Thanks for sharing the blog you got ideas from. I'm sure it will now be one I check out frequently. Lots of great ideas for parties and beyond!

Bailey Family said...

You have a 6 year old.

Enough said.

Lisa said...

You are so creative- especially with birthday parties!
Looks like fun.

A said...

Wow! That looked like FUN party! I loved the legos hanging from the ceiling - so clever - and the invites! I think a party like this is in B's future :)

Isaura said...

lots of birthdays in your house! how fun. stephmodo does have a fun blog. i liked the paris themed party she had up a few days ago. i was glad to see i'm not the only sucker to have gotten those little 10 for 1 euro/dollar eiffel keychains you get suckered into buying from vendors around the tower. makes for a good party favor though. those little cherry pops she sells in her etsy store i found a few months ago at homegoods for like 14 for 3.00. score. they will make cute cupcake toppers. wouldn't it be fun to just have partys everyday??!!??? one could only dream :)

dixonfamily said...

What a great party! I love the invitations and the homemade pinata! Your parties are always so fun.
Zach is the cutest little boy!! So happy and such a great smile.
Happy Birthday to your 6 year old!!

Tiff and Dave said...

Happy Birthday Zach!!Gosh I remember soooo well when you were just pregnant with him! Crazy how fast time flies. I hope all is well with you and your cute family. Thanks for always leaving cute comments on my posts! Sure miss you guys!

Isaura said...

ohhh i was going to ask/comment esp. since you had mentioned stephmodo's blog. are you a little disheartened lately by the more popular design/creative blogs just being posts linking to a bunch of stuff or other sites?. as cool as it may all be, i go to their blogs for creativity not to link up to a million other things. anywho, just wondering. it has kinda turned me off to bloggyland lately. i'll have to say that stephmodo is one of the few that dosen't do too many posts with a slew of links.

Tiffany said...

What a cute party! I can't believe he's 6. I still think of him of that little tiny guy when we moved out here into your ward. Man, that was a long time ago!!!

Anonymous said...

This was SUCH a fun party! You are the cutest mom ever and did an amazing job!! And btw, Zach is such a cool kid!