Thursday, January 27, 2011

yesterday i took a nap...

and woke up with two little squirrels in my bed. I took each picture from the comfort of my pillow, and didn't bother to sit up. This, more often than not, is my view in the morning too.

Sweet boy who sucks his thumb,
and has smoochable lips,
brought his own cake. He sang to himself and blew out the candles too!
He's a heart-breaker for sure.
My little love so full of feeling.
She pulled all these faces in a matter of seconds.
watch out.
A sunny afternoon in January.


Janet Johnson said...

I'm jealous of your nap! But oh what cuties. . . And your daughter looks just like you. Adorable!

Lora said...

definitely the cutest squirrels I've ever seen!

Man, now that you point it out Roman truly does that the worlds most beautiful lips!

A heart breaker FOR SURE!!

Nicole said...

So glad you got a nap!

And a great way to wake up.

Lisa said...

Roman does have smoochable lips! I love that your camera was so close you didn't even have to sit up to get it!

Lauri said...

that Lily is starting to look SO much like you!

Christy said...

how sweet! and smoochable lips is right! also, i have to say that the light makes these pictures totally gorgeous! good work!

Isaura said...

i love how the first few picks you can tell they are just waking up, kinda zoned and towards the last's a PARTY! ;)
oh, glad you got a nap too.