Monday, February 14, 2011

PDA a few minutes I'll be heading off for a get-a-way trip thanks to my thoughtful husband.

And so, because he's great, and it's Valentine's Day (and we will be apart) I wanted to steal away and record a little something that means a lot to me.

Last week I walked into my room and saw David sitting at the head of the bed, facing the nightstand, and sorta hunched over. I assumed he was doing something on his phone, I grabbed my magazine and left the room. An hour later I came back and he was still there. Same position. So, I said in the wifey-condescending way I am so good at, "Are you seriously STILL on your phone?" He looked up and I saw a needle and thread in his hands. oops. He hadn't been playing games, there he was stitching up one of my cardigans that had a hole in it. I apologized for being so rude and I told him I was so grateful that he had thought to stitch my cardigan. I thanked him over and over. How nice that he would notice that! But over the course of the week, I realized that he had stitched much more than just my cardigan. He had put a button on a blouse, sewn up a pair of pants that had a few holes, and even a new sock that I received for Christmas had been repaired. All in all, there were about 7 items of my clothing that he fixed for me. I couldn't believe it. First, that he even KNEW which clothing needed repair (it's not like I put them all in a pile, or ever said anything to him about it), and second, that he was so thoughtful to spend his evening doing that.

And so to my David Painter,
I love you.
What a wonderful wonderful gift.
It truly means more to me than 4 dozen roses and a fancy Valentine's dinner.
You are so good to me, and I love you more each year.
All my love,

good luck this week!
(and if you're local, he's accepting dinner invitations haha!)


Tish said...

this made me tear up. you two are sweet and then some.

Nicole said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip! Good luck, David, although I'm sure he'll be just fine!

Bailey Family said...

Good Luck on your trip.
David is a good one! I cannot picture Ben doing what he did. What an awesome present!
I will be in contact with David...I am sure he will do great.

Christy said...

oh my gosh, tara, this is the sweetest thing ever. definitely better then flowers. what a great guy you have. i'm so impressed he even knows how to mend things. tom would be lost!

i hope you have so much fun on your getaway. do share details when you get back!

Whit said...

That is pretty amazing! It's a good thing you documented it and can turn back and read this whenever you have frustrating days...if you ever have those :)

PAINTER said...

Frustrating days? I never ever... ever ever cause stress in my wifes life.

Can some one please send help my nose just grew down the hallway. ;)

Lisa said...

Wow. WOW. Go David!
Have so much fun on your getaway!

Isaura said...

what a touching story. i think i can relate. just when marc is at the point of toootally driving me nuts, he does something sweet, and i melt. then we're okay again ;) have so much fun on your getaway. i have one planned for april and i'm counting the days.

Janet Johnson said...

What a lucky girl you are! Wow. That is one amazing husband.

So where was this trip to? Can't wait for the pictures. :)