Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Lots of snow.
No school.
Hot chocolate.
It's good to be a kid.


dixonfamily said...

LOVE snow days!!! What could be better than sledding and hot chocolate?! Looks like a lovely time was had by all. Your kids just look so happy. Love it.

Nicole said...

HELLO SNOW... wow! thank you so much for that awesome Christmas gift idea... we are so going to do it!!!!

Angela Muir said...

i was thinking about how fun it will be in the future to play with my kids on a day like yesterday. so glad yours had so much fun. too cute :)

Christy said...

snow days were THE BEST as kids. it looks like you guys throughly enjoyed yours! i am in LOVE with lily's face in that second to last shot. one's thing for sure-- you've got some dang cute kids.

Nicole said...

And a mom who gets to have her kiddos home for a few extra days!

Looks like fun was had by all!

Whit said...

Oh how I'm jealous. That is one of the reasons why I want to settle in Missouri, and not Utah. SNOW DAYS!!!

Lora said...

I love it Tara! With each photo my oooh and awwwes got a little bit louder!

Jill Revell said...

hooray for snow days! i love the picture of the kids looking at each other while holding their mugs. and lily's expression in the second to last one is so funny. such cute kiddos!

meg said...

Snow? What's that? Looks like it could be fun!

Holbrook's said...

KC is so made for is a shame it gets so little snow...while we get quite a bit of snow the only hills that are not covered in 4ft tall sagebrush and small boulders are on the golf courses or ski resorts and they are both terrible at sharing their hilly goodness. Love the pics!!

Missy said...

It is good to be a kid. Sometimes it stinks to be an adult. And then I realize it is just so fun to watch being a kid through their eyes. And making it happen for them.

But, OH! So so sorry the flu bug hit your house. Tara, it is horrible. Hope you guys are ALL on the mend.

Lauri said...

what a GREAT picture of David and the kids on the sled! it captures all the fun and joy of the day