Monday, January 3, 2011

Fresh starts

Winter break is over, and tomorrow it's back to school.
At dinner, David asked Zachary if he was excited for school and to
"get back into the swing of things".
Zachary said very matter-of-factly, "Dad, we don't even have swings at our school".
True, true.
But seriously, I'm a mother hen at heart.
I love when all my chicks are together, all day long.
Sure, it's been louder, and probably more chaotic, but it's been fun.
As part of our last hurrah today, we planted paperwhites.
A pot for each babe.
While they were making the mess, and arranging their bulbs,
I thought about how fast paperwhites grow.
It's incredible really.
My my, how appropriate.
I feel the same way about my little sweeties.

**tip of the day**
these paperwhite kits (that come in a great silver, red or cream planter) are on Christmas clearance at Target. But they aren't with the Christmas clearance. They are hiding in the Smith & Hawken aisle. Some stores haven't even posted the sign, but they ring up at $2.49.
The planter alone is totally worth it!


Jill Revell said...

so cute! i've never heard of a paperwhite. take a picture of the end result for me.

Bailey Family said...

I like paperwhites...but Ben thinks they stink. I would plant them every year if I could. Great idea and very stylish!

(I was glad to sleep in until 8:00 a.m. this morning...knowing that my teacher friends were getting up at the ugly 5:30 hour!!!!)

Christy said...

those planters are so cute! what a great idea. yes, do take a picture of the end result! how crazy that you are a "back to school" family now. these dang kids really do grow so fast!

Erin S said...

I love paperwhites!

Zach is so funny!

Isaura said...
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Isaura said...

love the paper whites! i currently have a fake one in a metal urn that looks pretty, i pretend it's real ;) i saw these when they were on sale, but not 3 dollars on sale! i'll have to go by target some time. i got some of their small red rosewood wreaths to tie to the backs of my dining room chairs with bows. they look really cute. i think i paid too much for them even on sale though and your mirror looks great!
have a great 2011!

Rapp Family said...

I's so sad to send them back to school. I love vacations and snow days, anything to keep the family together. Cute idea and enjoy your plants!

McAtee Family said...

Love it, as usual! Thanks for the idea - I went to Target this morning to get some pots for FHE and they are still not marked as clearance even though they now ring up at 99 cents. Amazing!!

I bought a cream one for each of my achievement day girls - going to have a lesson on faith, plant their "seeds" in the pot and put the word Faith on the front of the pot in vinyl. Super cheap activity and will be something they (and later their moms) can keep. Gotta love a good deal!

Lora said...

Tara I love it! Why oh why don't I live by a Target! I can't wait to see them all grown!

Oh Zachy =)

Barbara said...

I agree- I was sad and nervous for the kids first day back! Enjoy your fresh start for the second half of school. Oh- I can't believe Zach doesn't have swings at school!?

Jamiee Shores said...

They really are so cute! I am going by Target tonight to pick up a few. They are a steal!

Missy said...

you are a genius. 'nuf said.

Lauri said...

man, I tried to find them at our Target and failed! of course, our downtown Chicago doesn't have much of a selection of anything. those planters are adorable, and what a fun activity for the kids!