Monday, January 17, 2011

Baaa-d and good.

Oh what a week.
Has it been a week?
There are a lot of things I'd like to forget about the last 7 days.
Mostly, the stomach flu.
But here is one I want to remember.
Family Home Evening. These are Ammon's sheep...cute right?
Toilet paper roll - cottonball - q-tip - elmer's glue - black bean eyed sheep. legit.
We've been following along with plans found here.
(so organized, so theme-tastic, so perfect for my kids ages)
But if you want to know the truth. Last week was about the Tree of Life.
We held on to the iron rod and were rewarded with all manner of (gummy) fruit.
It haunts me.
Because it turns out gummy fruit throw up is incredibly disgusting.
(darn that red #40)
And there I go again, back to the stomach flu.
It's going to be hard to forget.


Zach 'n' Jack said...

we did the same thing tonight! Keegan taught us about ammon, it was so cute. I love how simple the lessons are for kids to teach as well - and i'm glad you are doing this, this post totally made me feel like you are right here with me!

Erin S said...

Cute FHE idea! I will have to try that. Hope you are all doing better. We had that during Christmas break. No fun at all!

McAtee Family said...

The sheep are so darn cute!! Sorry about the flu - we were there last week as well and I thought it was never gonna end.

Lisa said...

Sorry you had the sickies. Nothing worse than sick kiddos. Hope you guys are done!

Lora said...

=) oh dear! Sorry about that! Hope the painter clan is feeling better!

The sheep really are so darling we'll have to see if we can pull that off at our house!

Jamiee Shores said...

Us too!!! We have had a stomach virus being passed around for about a week now. I hope you all are feeling all better now! Great FHE idea!! I wish I were more crafty :)

Christy said...

sorry about the flu, friend-- no fun is right.

your little sheep are darling! as are the creators. you always come up with the best ideas!

Lauri said...

love love love those sheep! we will have to do this soon. hope you are feeling better