Monday, August 16, 2010

An ending. And a beginning.

I'm not even going to try to aim for 'well written' on this post.
My emotions are running a bit high for that.
Tomorrow is the first day of school.
One the one hand, I'm excited, and looking forward to all the new opportunities.
And on the other hand, I'm devastated.
But enough about me.
I asked Zach what he wanted to do.
Our last day of summer looked like this...
Morning spent at Penguin Park.
Special lunch at McDonalds (with a toy!)
Zach helped make lasagna and chocolate cake while the littles napped.
Last minute haircut.
Back to school dinner.
Father's Blessings for Family Home Evening.
(Zachary hugged David for a full minute after the blessing...David's eyes were full of tears)
Pack the lunch.
Family Prayer and tuck in.
And now I need to get into bed.
But I doubt I will sleep.


Kristen M said...

Oh Tara, this is killing me! Clark's starting in a few weeks. I think I'm gonna lose it and be sleepless right there with ya. What a sweet boy you have. I can't believe our big guys are going to school! Packing lunches!? make it stop. Love ya.

Stacy F said...

Wow, your oldest baby going to kindergarten! I remember it like it was yesterday with Morgan, and now she will start middle school tomorrow. And my littlest baby starts kindergarten tomorrow. How did this happen?? Before we know it Makenzie and Zack will be off to middle school!

Christy said...

oh, be strong mama! it can't be easy. this post totally got me teary, especially the part about the blessing and the hug. your little man is growing up. must be so surreal. good luck, i hope all went well today!

Lora said...

Oh man sis, hang in there. I can't even imagine that stage yet. He is going to Love it and you will also!

ps-perfectly written.

Nicole said...

he'll do great! -is it all day? kylie's was .5 day, but i was a wreck too. you can do it!!! :)

Bailey Family said...

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were sitting in your living in your house and you were holding baby Zachary? He is growing up! He is well prepared and he will do great. Call me if you need to! We need to coordinate a morning walking routine.

Erin S said...

Ahh! I'm in the same boat as you. Carter doesn't start until Sept 7th, but I am already freaking out. I don't know if I can send my baby off to school! I can't believe how big our boys are getting. Hope he had a great first day!

Nicole said...

I love this post, Tara! And what a great way to document the prep for Zach's first day of kindergarten - those are the traditions both he and you will always remember.

I hope today goes well and I'm sure you're anxious to hear all about it when he comes home!

Barbara said...

What a great end of summer day you guys had! So very sweet.
It was weird sending my boys off today...totally normal and completly strange all at once! Hope Zack has a great day!!

dixonfamily said...

What a handsome young man! He is going to love it and do so well. You have done so much to prepare him. It is bittersweet though. We are sending two this year. So sad. Where does the time go? Looking forward to hearing how his first day was...for all of you.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

What a wonderful way to prepare everyone for this transition. Best wishes to all of you in this new phase!

Lisa said...

I'm so feelin you. Camryn starts in two weeks and I'm getting nervous. It's so hard to think about sending her off! I'm sure he will do great and love it.

Isaura said...

well, he looks happy!
your cake looks delicious and i bet the lasagna was yummy too.
who knows if he will even remember what he ate the night before his first day of school, but more imortantly i bet he will NEVER forget how you guys made him feel.
sweet memories.

Lauri said...

aw, man! I cry just thinking about kindergarten. how fun to make the last day of summer memorable. I get some great ideas from you and your blog!

meg said...

Oh, I hope it went well! It will get easier, I promise, but it's never really easy - even when they're as old as my babies. The up side is how amazing it is to watch them learn and grow.

Good luck!

McAtee Family said...

Tara, you are an AMAZING mom and you inspire me to be better and spend more time with my kids catching all of the little moments. Thank you!!!!

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