Monday, May 24, 2010

Roman is walking everywhere. Make that running. Make that crashing.
It's hot. And humid. I'll miss the open windows.
Girls camp in one week!
I'm with the 4th years. We leave camp one day/night for a wilderness hike.
Primitive camping. No fires. Dehydrated food.
I'm excited. I just don't want ticks. Please no ticks. I'll probably get ticks.
Margaret and I had a garage sale last weekend.
Great success! Now my storeroom is more organized than my house.
I've been potting plants.
I've been working on food storage.
I've been making my laundry room so very pretty.
Also, I'm crabby.
I'm going to try my hardest to not be crabby.
Sometimes it's just hard.


Janet Johnson said...

Fun post! (Even if you are crabby).

I didn't know you were in YW. How fun! I'm with you on the ticks. London got one after a field trip to a wilderness reserve. Yick. Luckily I caught it. Still gives me shivers though.


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

So what have you done to your laundry room? I'm supposed to be clearing mine out today to begin painting tomorrow, so I'm looking for any tips you are willing to share. :)

Good luck camping; I'll pray that you don't get ticks.

Lora said...

You crabby? That i'd like to see! =)

I can't believe you baby is walking already!

Have a great time at camp! What lucky girls!

Christy said...

yes, sometimes it is so hard to not be crabby. like when i take my kids to the park and sophie runs away from me way up on the play equipment and i have to try to chase her down with lincoln on my hip. :|

i'm dieing to see your laundry room. i think only you could make a laundry room cute tara.

have fun at girls camp! such good memories.

those two boys look SO much alike it is insane.

Jill Revell said...

Holy cow! Roman looks so big in this picture. Where did your baby go?

Ok...what are you planting? Do you have a back yard? I really want some fresh veggies and can't wait to start a garden.

Have fun at girls camp. Sounds like tons of fun!

dixonfamily said...

Your boys are so darn cute!!

Have fun at girls' camp! I would love to be one of the 4th years at camp with you!! SO FUN!! Except for ticks. I hope you escape without any of those nasty suckers.

Please come to my house and organize. Actually, why don't you just come and decorate it for me. I'll save my pennies and when I'm good and wealthy I'll fly you down and let you go through my home and make it beautiful. Deal?

meg said...

I'm having a crabby day today. I think it's ok to have a crabby day every now and then so that everyone will know to appreciate mommy's sunny days!

Wow! you are a busy girl! I'm in the YW now, but no camp for me! I'm so - uhm, - sad. yeah, sad.

Good luck! Here's to now ticks! Have you heard the Brad Paisley song "I want to check you for ticks?" It's hilarious!

Erin S said...

Roman is getting so big! What cute boys you have! I have a hard time picturing you crabby - you are one of the sweetest nicest people I know.

Lisa said...

What are you doing in your laundry room? Pictures please!
Good luck at girls camp. I remember sharing a tent with you years ago!

Isaura said...

lucky you,got to have a garage sale. everytime i take bags of stuff to goodwill i have to turn a blind eye. i know i could sell my stuff at a sale, but no one would come. i kinda live in the middle of nowhere with not too many houses or neighborhoods around. i used to keep my stuff "because I can sell it in a garage sale" and then i felt like i was on the verge of that hoarder mind set ;)
and i may be the only one who says LUCKY YOU on girls camp. I loved girls camp and went back once a few years ago as a married person. so many memories. good luck!